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Lindsay Herber – Bay Port soccer, cross country


Bay Port senior Lindsay Herber is a member of the soccer and cross country teams. Submitted Photo

By Murray Gleffe

Name: Lindsay Herber

Nickname: All Day

School: Bay Port

Sports: Soccer, cross country

Lindsay Herber is a two-sport athlete at Bay Port High School.

She had an ACL injury during a soccer game in her junior season.

Herber has also excelled in running.

As a sophomore, she finished sixth at the Green Bay East Sectional to qualify for the 2019 Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Division 1 state meet, where she placed 89th.

What’s one thing other soccer teammates or teachers don’t know about you?

“One of my ears is higher than the other. When I wear sunglasses, they’re always crooked.” 

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be?

“Alex Morgan. It would be cool to be a professional soccer player on the United States Women’s National Team.”

Bay Port has had successful cross country seasons in the past – why so?

“Cross country is an individual and a team sport, which is why I joined. It takes lots of strength and consideration from each person to contribute to the final reward. Staying in one spot between two opposing schools and grinding to the finish is what made our scores low.”

What was your toughest race ever?

“The state meet at Wisconsin Rapids my sophomore year was a hard course. There were lots of small hills, and it was snowing.”

Which Fox River Classic Conference awards did you earn?

“I was second-team my freshman year and first-team my sophomore and junior years.”

What’s your most embarrassing cross country moment?

“At state my sophomore year, I was running with my friend Andrew Aderhold, and we ran by the water for practice the day before the event. He, his friend Drew Dahlin and Coach Andy Nuthals wore a banana and a Whoopi Cushion costume. It was embarrassing to be in public around them.”

Talk about the tight-knit community of Howard-Suamico and how much sports revolve around it.

“Our school district does a great job with our sports. Each one is highly recognized, no matter if it’s individual or team. Our principal, Mike Frieder, loves all high school sports teams at Bay Port.”

What are your college aspirations?

“I don’t know what I want to major in, but I’m going to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”

Celebrity crush?

“Shawn Mendes.”

Do you have a sports ritual before a soccer game?

“I wear a ring that says, ‘She is Fierce’ on it from Coach Shefchik. It’s because I get bad rib pain while I run, and it’s to push me to keep going.”

What’s the best course you’ve raced on?

“The Roy Griak Invite because you’re running against hundreds of people, and the energy is intense.”

How do you want to be remembered at Bay Port?

“As a positive person who stood up for others.”

What are your hobbies besides sports?

“Hanging with friends, painting and reading.”

Favorite sound of spring?

“Birds in the morning.”

Biggest sports achievement?

“Making the varsity cross country team my freshman year. There were good girls on the team and some important shoes to fill.”

Three cities you’d love to visit?

“Los Angeles, Miami, New York.”

What four words describe you?

“Determined, motivated, passionate, loyal.”

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

“With a family, a nice job and a boat.”


Foods: Pasta, doughnuts, guacamole

Subject in school: English 

Netflix movie: “Twilight”

Book series: Divergent

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