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Two vie for Brown County District 15 seat

By Press Times Staff

BROWN COUNTY – Incumbent Jim Murphy faces newcomer Morgan Fuller for the District 15 seat on the Brown County Board of Supervisors April 5.
District 15 encompasses parts of the villages of Allouez and Bellevue.
The Press Times emailed each candidate the same question and gave them each 200 words to respond.
What do you see as the most important issue facing Brown County and District 15, and if elected, how will you address it?

Morgan Fuller
A: I see the most important issue at hand for the Brown County Supervisors as allocating American Rescue Plan Act funds.
The county has a great opportunity to get a lot of projects funded, or do some impactful work to better the lives of the community.
I would urge all Brown County supervisors to look into these proposed projects and speak with the staff and people in their districts to truly understand the importance of each.
This is a one time opportunity, and we won’t get these kinds of funds again.

Jim Murphy
A: As a fiscal hawk, I continue to hold Brown County administration accountable.
I’ve fought hard to ensure the $56 million in community and county road/infrastructure investments were wisely invested, and pushed for refinancing of county debt, which helped reduce overall debt by $20 million in 2020-22.
I’m serving on the county’s Broadband Committee to ensure that we leverage existing telecoms to provide affordable high-speed internet and cellphone access across Brown County, while ensuring the county’s emergency 911 fiber backbone is secured for future generations.
As an Allouez resident, who serves on the County Board, I’m hearing rising crime concerns in the areas bordering Green Bay, when knocking on doors.
I plan on looking at impact funding to the Drug Task Force, or a joint community violent crime taskforce, to focus on proactive versus reactive policing in troubled neighborhoods.
As a veteran, I still feel the call to service, and if I’m honored to be elected to serve the people of Allouez and Bellevue again, I pledge to continue to hold local government accountable, and make wise investments for our community’s future to ensure future generations have the same opportunities we all had growing up in Brown County.

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