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Two vie for Zone 2 seat on Seymour School Board

By Press Times Staff

SEYMOUR – Incumbent Tom Heins will face challenger Tony Kastning for the Zone 2 seat on the Seymour School Board.

Zone 2 covers the Village of Black Creek.

The Press Times emailed each candidate the same question and gave them 200 words to respond.

What do you see as the most important issue facing the Seymour School District and Zone 2, and if elected, how will you address it?

Tom Heins

A: A big issue that concerns me in the Seymour Community School District is the decline in our reading and math scores.

Many school districts in the State of Wisconsin are facing this issue as well, it is not just a local problem, but statewide.

When I get reelected, we will keep moving forward with the new reading and math interventions systems (RISE) we have established in our school district this current year.

With the intervention systems the district is currently using, we have seen many of our students already making good progress.

We are confident that once we get these students to be better readers, and have better comprehension of the material, those test scores will increase.

We, as a district, understand this is a long-term commitment, but we are up to this challenge.

Tony Kastning

A: The number one issue facing our district is parents being treated as a useless nuisance.

The educators throughout the country, and unfortunately in this district, have chosen to treat parents as a sideshow.

The opposite is true.

Parents are the primary teachers of our children.

We are the most responsible for their livelihood, education and wellbeing.

The educators of our district need to become a support to our community’s families, not fighting them at every turn.

If elected to the board, I will focus on eliminating this disconnect between the educators of this district and our parents.

I will work to increase communication channels on all levels – from each teacher to the superintendent.

I will focus on making sure this district is completely transparent with the parents and the community.

Parents, you deserve to know everything about your child’s education.

I will make sure that our children are focused on core education – math, science and reading – instead of whatever the next mandate that the powers-that-be plan to force upon our children.

It is time for parents to lead the way for our children, and it’s time that the educators of our district fulfill their role in support of our community.

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