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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Tanner Newton – De Pere Hockey


Tanner Newton recently completed his senior season with the De Pere hockey team. Submitted Photo

By Murray Gleffe

Name: Tanner Newton

Nickname: Fig

School: De Pere

Activity: Boys’ hockey

Parents: Amy and Steve Newton

Twitter: @tannernewton8

Tanner Newton, a senior at De Pere High School, recently finished his hockey career with the Voyageurs, a co-op team with West De Pere.

De Pere won its opening two playoff games before bowing out to the Neenah co-op team.

On the season, Newton tallied 21 goals and 36 assists.

He said his favorite National Hockey League team is the Chicago Blackhawks, his favorite movie is “Creed 2” and he enjoys cookies and cream ice cream for dessert.

Talk about how difficult your position is.

“In hockey, there are no easy positions. For centers, my position, you have to play 200 feet every shift. Skating up and down the ice is grueling. Centers are primarily known for scoring goals, but there are many times in the defensive zone where you must get in those board battles.”

What’s the worst game in which you were hit by a puck? 

“In a spring tournament for my travel team, I blocked a hard shot. I received a broken hand and was in a cast for a few months because of the play.”

What’s your favorite video game?

“Retro Bowl.”

What’s a favorite memory from during the season?

“Our playoff win against Ashwaubenon. We had a rivalry with them last year and had their number leading up to the game. To beat them again in dramatic fashion was incredible.”

Talk about your family.

“My family is the main reason I’ve made it this far in hockey. For the last 15 years, they’ve sacrificed so much for me to play the game I love. They always give their utmost support and push me to be the best player and man I can be.”

What’s the greatest piece of advice somebody has given you?

“Regardless of what happens on the ice, have the most fun possible. Playing relaxed has led to more success.”

If you could create a mandatory class for seniors, what would it be?

“Sports and Society.”

What’s your favorite fight of all time on the ice?

“This past season during a game for the U18 Bobcats, an opposing player decided to drop the gloves on a faceoff and started going after me. Looking back, it was hilarious.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be? 

“Aaron Rodgers. He’s the GOAT (greatest of all time) and my favorite player. I would love to live a day in his shoes.”

What’s your favorite app?


Iceland or New Zealand for vacation?

“New Zealand.”

What’s one thing other teammates or coaches don’t know about you?

“I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in roughly 30 seconds.”

What’s your favorite moment you’ve experienced so far in life?

“Winning state as a Peewee. The guys on that team are still my best friends.”

What are your college aspirations? 

“I’m hoping to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the University of Minnesota.”

Air hockey or field hockey?

“Air hockey. I grew up playing my dad in the basement.”

What one word describes you? 

“Energetic. I can’t sit still for long periods. I love being active.”

If you could be the coordinator for a senior field trip, where would you go?

“Hawaii. I’ve never been on a beach vacation before, and it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go.”

What’s your favorite music genre before a game?


Who’s your hockey star?

“Cole Caufield. He’s from Wisconsin, and I like how he plays the game.”

What Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association sport would be cool to add at De Pere?

“Men’s volleyball would be the most fun.”

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