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Allouez Board discusses new development, snow removal

By Josh Staloch
Staff Writer

ALLOUEZ – A development agreement with General Capital Acquisitions, LLC was approved by the Village Board Tuesday, Jan. 4 that will clear the way for two apartment buildings to go up at 1905 Webster Avenue. 

The development calls for about 125 residential units total, with retail space on the first floor of each building and space for outdoor seating. 

Once completed, the project is estimated to have an assessed value of $17.5 million. 

“That amount is guaranteed,” Trustee Matthew Harris said. “The amount has been set and we know that we’ll have a certain amount of property taxes coming into the village.”

The motion to approve the development agreement passed unanimously.

Snow/ice removal

The village’s snow/ice removal policy will be modified following an approved amendment designed to make it easier to determine if snow removal following a storm will be the responsibility of the village or the property owner. 

Allouez Department of Public Works Director Sean Gehin said a map highlighting village-owned property to be cleared by the village after all snow events, such as the roundabouts on Libal Street, is now available on the village’s website.

He said the map also shows problem area sidewalks, as well as all other sidewalks the village is responsible for clearing in the event of a snowfall totalling six inches or more, such as the sidewalks lining residential streets like Hoffman Road and Libal Street. 

In the event of a total less than six inches, the property owner would be responsible for removal. 

“This is a change to the language contained within the code,” Gehin said. “What we’re proposing is to reference a map rather than to list street segments.”

The map is available at the village’s website. 

Street repair

Using the 5-year capital improvement plan as a guide, a strategy is coming together for the village’s 2022 street maintenance projects. 

A map has been generated showing the condition of the village’s roadways and where staff sees repairs are most needed. 

“We have, roughly speaking, about 55 miles of roadways in the village,” Gehin said. “Thirty percent of our roadways are rated 8-10 (on a scale of 1-10), about 33% are between 6 and 7, 22% are rated between 4-5 and 15% rated between 1 and 3. Streets rated 5-4 are considered fair and a good example of that would be Broadview from Webster to Libal Street. Those that are in poor to failing condition are rated between 3 and 1 and examples of that would be E. Briar Lane from Clay (Street) to Delahaut (Street), Greene Avenue from Libal to East River Drive.”

Gehin said due to exceptional pricing, the village was able to do more street repair than it anticipated last year, and local officials are hoping for similar circumstances this year. 

He said the list of Allouez streets receiving repairs in 2022 is a working document being modified all the time but that Gwinn Street from Lebrun to Libal Street and Dauphin Street from Webster to Libal are at the top of the list, along with Rustic Oaks from the cul de sac to Kalb Avenue.

Gehin said the village hopes to begin the bidding process for 2022 street repairs by the end of the month.

Election update

Jim Rafter will likely be the board president for another three years. 

His current term expiring in April, Rafter was the only candidate who submitted paperwork to appear on the upcoming ballot and will run unopposed. 

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