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Greta Hansen – Green Bay Southwest cross country, track and field


Green Bay Southwest High School senior Greta Hansen is a member of the cross country and track and field teams. Submitted Photo

By Murray Gleffe

Name: Greta Hansen

School: Green Bay Southwest

Sports: Cross country, track and field

Parents: Jennifer and Scott Hansen

Greta Hansen is a senior cross country/track and field runner for the Green Bay Southwest Trojans.

She recently placed 32nd at the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Division 1 Manitowoc Lincoln Sectional with a time of 21:35.

Hansen said she prefers to run in colder temperatures and would love to travel to the West Coast to see Sequoia and Yosemite national parks.

Talk about how difficult the 3.1-mile cross-country run is.

“It’s hard to figure out your pacing on a long-distance run without coaches giving you splits compared to a track and field race. Each course is different from the next, so you never know what to expect in the coming miles.”

What teammate would you like to be with if you were trapped on an island?

“Virginia Harris. She’s motivated, and even if there was no help in sight, she’d be the one to make the most of the occasion.”

Talk about how special your family is and what they have meant to your success.

“I’ve never run a meet without at least one family member taking time out of their day to watch and cheer me on, which means lots to me. It’s made a difference in the effort I put forth.”

What’s the greatest piece of advice somebody has told you?

“My cross-country coach, Dylan Grimsrud, told me to think of a short saying to tell myself when I need an extra push. Now, whenever I think about giving up, I repeat those words to myself. It’s made a big difference in my school and athletic career.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be?

“Mindy Kaling. She’s one of my favorite actresses and has co-written many of my favorite shows. It would be neat to experience her creative process first-hand.”

What’s your favorite phone app?

“I enjoy looking through my photo apps. Sometimes, I forget all the neat opportunities and memories I’ve made over the years. Looking through my camera roll helps me appreciate them again.”

Talk about how your teammates motivate you during a meet.

“They are the most amazing cheerleaders during my races. It gives me a boost when I run past them and hear how excited and motivating they are.”

What’s something about you most people don’t know?

“Practicing in a group helps me improve. I love having people to run with. It’s more motivating to be with people than by myself.”

What are your college aspirations?

“I hope to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison and pursue biochemistry.”

What are your hobbies?

“I like trying new artistic hobbies, such as embroidery, painting and sketching. I also love going on bike rides and rollerblading with friends.”

What two words describe you?

“Goal-oriented, empathetic.”

What are your favorite music genres?

“Alternative and indie.”

If you could listen to any song before a cross country meet, what would it be?

“’Doubt’ by Hippo Campus because it’s familiar to me and one of my favorite songs.”

If you could attend the Olympics, which event would you watch?

“I’m looking forward to watching the biathlon at the upcoming Winter Olympics to see how Deedra Irwin, a former Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team member, does.”

What three things will you miss about Southwest?

“The great array of art classes and opportunities I’m able to take advantage of each year, the comradery of the cross country and track teams and Spanish class with Senora Christy.”

Running in the heat of Death Valley or the cold of Yellowstone National Park?

“Yellowstone National Park.”


College team: Wisconsin Badgers

Subject: History

Television show: “Malcolm in the Middle”

Food: Pad Thai

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