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Artless Bastard to host opening for new shows

By Donna Schuld

DE PERE – Two new shows will open at Artless Bastard gallery in De Pere at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 30.

One show, called “Word,” is a group-juried show which hopes to inspire with a variety of interpretations of this elemental part of human communication.

At the same time, Catherine Williams will have her first solo show at the gallery, which is made up of charcoal portraits.

Each show will run until Oct. 30.

Alexis Arnold, Artless Bastard owner, said “Word” was open to artists nationwide, but the majority will come from Wisconsin.

“I was excited about that because words and quotes are something that’s very inspirational to me,” Arnold said. “We have some pretty unique pieces coming in. We’ve got photography, painting, some that are somewhat three-dimensional pieces. It should be interesting.”

Solo act

Necedah resident Williams works in photography and charcoal.

“This is her first solo show with the gallery, but she has shown in group exhibits,” Arnold said.

Williams, a librarian by trade, said she started in portraiture through a program at her workplace.

“There was a library program where people were scheduled to sit for us to draw, and then people were just very excited about doing it, and it just grew into its own thing,” she said. “Getting the likeness and the proportions is a challenge every time. Then once I get that done, it’s all gravy from there. The technology of having the photos on a laptop has really opened things up for me because you can zoom right in on the eye or the beard to get the textures.”

Nonprofit art

Artless Bastard recently became a nonprofit gallery, something Arnold said she is thrilled about.

“It’s going to give us the opportunity to really expand more as far as offering more classes and workshops, both to artists and the general public community,” she said. “We’ll hopefully offer an artist-in-residency program. I’d like to do grant opportunities and expand into public art and sculpture within the area. I think the possibilities are pretty endless once we start getting some sponsorships and donations coming in. I’m excited.”

As 2021 rolls on and businesses still feel the effects of the pandemic, Arnold said she keeps an optimistic outlook.

“It’s been interesting because events are somewhat back on,” she said. “De Pere hosted their Art Walk events. We had a really great turnout for each one of those. It was really nice to see people coming out to the gallery who had never been there before. It’s like things are busy, but we’re not back to normal. We’ve lost so much in this last year, we’re still all struggling in one way or another. It feels good. Every month is a little different.”

Arnold said masks are optional for people at the opening reception Sept. 30.

“It is kind of a come-and-go event, so it’s never been too packed,” she said. “Everyone seems to be very comfortable so far.”

Artless Bastard is located at 353 Main Ave. in De Pere.

To learn more about the shows, CLICK HERE.

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