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Dealing with uncertainty

Dear Reader,

We all depend on the certainty of life.

We manage it.

We control it.

We jam it into a routine upon which we can depend.


Because we know that we can depend on ourselves.

What happens when we’re thrown a curve ball?

We spaz out because it wasn’t planned and it can wreak havoc on carefully laid plans.

That should not be how we handle the unknown variables of life.

We need to thank the “forces that be” for intervening in our lackadaisical and routine lives.

We need to engage beyond our zone of comfort, mixing it up a bit, trying new things, evolving to a new level.

After all, life is a magical journey, and the Magician is weaving all the parts of this enchanting tapestry so that we can enjoy those surprises along the way.

Patrick J. Wood
Author of “Dear Reader” and “Tapestry of Love and Loss”

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