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Bellevue approves police vehicle purchase

By Josh Staloch

BELLEVUE – Earlier this month, the Bellevue village board unanimously approved the purchase of a new police vehicle to be delivered in 2022.

Due to delays and shortages along the global supply chain, vehicle procurement is difficult for law enforcement, Bellevue’s Directed Enforcement Officer Trevor Bilgo said.

He said to have a new police vehicle delivered before the end of 2022, it would need to be ordered now.

“Sheriff’s offices have still not received police vehicles that they ordered last year for this year,” Bilgo said. “We have been told that if we don’t place orders by Oct. 1, there is a very high probability that we will not receive any law enforcement vehicles next year.”

He said the department has a 2014 model year vehicle that needs to be switched out next year.

The new vehicle, a 2022 Dodge Charger from Gandrud, will officially be part of the village’s 2022 budget, with an expected cost of $29,000.

Reconstruction project

Steve Kubacki, interim public works director, gave an update on the Allouez Avenue reconstruction project and reported the planning stage of the project is underway and progressing as expected.

The project focuses on the area between Hazen Road and U.S. Highway 141 and looks to bring greater connectivity throughout the village.

The project will happen in three parts: the west side from Hazen Road to Interstate 43, from the I-43 overpass to Meadow Park Drive and then the east section from Meadow Park to Highway 141.

The proposed sidewalk will be on the north side of Allouez Avenue between Hazen Road and the area west of Woodgate Trail.

From there, due to the grade of the land and construction concerns, the sidewalk will be on the south side of Allouez Avenue to the end of the project at the roundabout at Highway 141.

“Right now, we’re in the 30% design stage,” Kubacki said. “We’ve had discussions with the DOT (Department of Transportation) and Brown County planning. In essence, there’s going to be a lot of reconstruction of sidewalks and bike lanes. There will be a great level of connectivity there, and it will make it much easier for pedestrians to move around that section of the community.”

Construction is slated to begin in 2024, and the cost is estimated at $2.4 million.

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