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igNight Market returns Aug. 21

By Donna Schuld

GREEN BAY – Leicht Memorial Park will take on a festival atmosphere Saturday, Aug. 21, with igNight Market.

The popular night market took last year off because of the pandemic.

Additional markets are planned for September and October.

Created by On Broadway Inc., igNight Market combines local artisans with food trucks, live music, and entertainment for a family-friendly experience.

“Coming into it with full–steam and a full staff, I think we’re going to make it one of the best events we’ve ever had and we’re super-excited,” Brooke Hafs, marketing director with On Broadway, said. “This year we have 14 hot-air balloons, and of course that makes the August event such an exciting event for people to attend. That backdrop just creates this electric atmosphere for people to come out and listen to live music and visit all of the local vendors and take some really cool pictures. It’s just a really cool environment.”

igNight Market is known for its dynamic blend of things to see, purchase and appreciate, and Hafs said this year will be no different.

“People can expect to see a wide variety of different vendors from the area, different artisans and makers,” Hafs said. “We’ll have interactive art demonstrations, life-sized games, street performers, all of that will be back again. It’s guaranteed that they can come out and find a wide variety of these types of artists.”

Expectations are the August igNight Market could attract about 20,000 people.

“This is a great event for people to come out and experience the Broadway District for what it is,” Hafs said. “We have this vibrant area downtown where people can come and interact with artists and have music playing. It’s also a great opportunity for our local artists to display their talents for the public as well. It’s a win-win all around.”

She said considerations for public safety with the pandemic are part of the planning process for igNight Market.

“We’re always staying on top of the latest CDC recommendations,” Hafs said. “The good thing about our igNight Market is they’re outdoors and open-air so people can practice social distancing. They’re welcome to wear their masks if they think it’s suitable, and we’ll stay in touch with our local health officials to offer any recommendations as well.”

In September, On Broadway will move igNight Market to the area surrounding the Neville Public Museum.

October’s event will take place under the Mason Street bridge.

“It’s a neat area to hold that specific event because it’s kind of encroaching on Halloween so we’re able to arrange our street performers in a way and up-light the bridge, and it just kind of gives this spookier feel, it’s a little more eccentric,” Hafs said. “I think it fits the time frame.”

igNight Market runs Aug. 21 from 5-10 p.m.

Headlining the musical stage is the Milwaukee band, Something To Do.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

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