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Hobart board revises residential dog regulations

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

HOBART – Changes to the village code related to the number of dogs allowed in a residence received final approval July 20 by the Hobart village board.

The ordinance revisions limit residential parcels with 2.5 acres or less to two dogs and residential parcels with more than 2.5 acres to five dogs.

Someone owning two adjacent parcels adding up to more than 2.5 acres will also be able to keep up to five dogs under the revised code.

The ordinance also includes a clause in which a residential property owner with more than the number of dogs allowed at the time it is enacted will not be required to remove any dogs from the property.

However, the revised code will not allow a property owner to replace dogs over the limit.

In the event a property owner has a litter of pups, the ordinance has an exception to exceed the maximum number of dogs allowed up to 12 weeks from the litter being born.

Village Administrator Aaron Kramer said the licensing of dogs in Hobart is regulated separately.

“(Licensing) is part of our fee schedule…,” he said. “I try to avoid duplicating (in the village code), only because if something changes, and we don’t keep track of that, then our part becomes invalid.”

Kramer said the village revised language inconsistencies in the code related to dogs so they will no longer be regulated as a conditional use in a residential district, nor will it require someone keeping more than two dogs to file a statement with the clerk-treasurer.

Zipcode change

Construction of the State Highway 29/County VV interchange prompted a request from the U.S. Postal Service to change the zip code for some addresses in Hobart.

Oneida/Hobart Postmaster Bruce Cole and Post Office Operation Manager Amy Debauche appeared before the board because of a carrier delivering to 29 addresses near the interchange having to detour because of the development and redirecting of traffic with the new interchange.

“There’s a lot of left turns involved, which is in the Post Office – very unsafe,” Cole said. “It’s like a death trap waiting to happen for them.”
Cole said a zip code change from 54313 to 54155 is being sought for those 29 addresses.

He said the proposal calls for a carrier to service an address on Triangle Drive, where he or she would continue left and service mailboxes where a mail carrier in Green Bay would normally service.

Debauche said a carrier in Green Bay has to deviate 10.5 miles to service the 29 addresses.

“That (10.5) miles each way, so it’s 21 miles total each day, is costing us roughly $150 a day,” she said.

Debauche said the zip code change for the 29 addresses “will benefit the Post Office for decades to come.”

“It probably should have been dealt with a long time ago,” she said.

If the proposed zip code change wouldn’t be approved, Debauche said the property owners of the 29 addresses would have their mailboxes moved north of the state highway, which would be an inconvenience for them.

“Their choices are going to be that their boxes are going to be moved over by Maplewood (Meats), or they’re going to have a P.O. Box at the Green Bay Post Office,” she said.

Debauche asked to have a record of the meeting minutes with the board’s motion, which backed the zip code change as recommended by the Postal Service, for purposes of seeking final approval of the change.

Closed session

After meeting in closed session, Kramer said the board passed two motions.

He said the board approved a development agreement between Scott’s Subs Hobart RE, LLC, and the village and to proceed with the sale of land in Tax Increment District No. 1 for the purpose of a restaurant.

Kramer said the agreement with Scott’s Subs included a discounted land cost and a low-interest loan.

He said the board also approved the assignment of the development agreement between Bayland Buildings, Inc., and the village to the North Hobart Business Park, LLC, and the village to clear the way for the development of the Highway 29 Business District adjacent to the interchange.

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