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First phase approved for Highland Ridge Estates

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – A final plat for the first phase of the Highland Ridge Estates residential development was approved last month by the village board.

Community Development Director Aaron Schuette said the preliminary plat showed how the northern portion of the Highland Ridge Golf Course would be subdivided into a residential development with 134 single-family lots, while the southern portion would remain a nine-hole golf course.

“The final plats will be coming in three phases,” he said. “This is the first phase. As shown on the map, this is the northeastern portion of the overall preliminary plat.”

Schuette said the first phase includes 45 lots and an outlot for stormwater management and a connection to Sand Acres Drive on the southern end of the overall development.

“The Plan Commission did recommend approval of the final plat, as it is substantially similar to the preliminary (plat),” he said.

Schuette said the village also completed the development agreement, which was presented with the final plat for phase one to the board for approval.

He said the final plat’s conditions of approval include items in the preliminary plat, such as developing an enhanced crosswalk at the Highland Ridge Drive/Sand Acres Drive intersection and a 10-foot wide asphalt trail on the north side of Highland Ridge Drive to Hank Avenue and then going along the east side of Hank Avenue to the west property line.

Schuette said the west end of the roads in the subdivision’s first phase would have temporary cul-de-sacs until those roads are extended for the development’s second and third phases, while the trail wouldn’t be paved until subsequent phases are completed.

He said conditions for the final plat, which requires approval by the Brown County Plan Commission, also include changing the name Clay Court to Becker Court to avoid name duplication in the county and splitting Hank Avenue into East Hank Avenue for this first phase of the subdivision and West Hank Avenue for a future phase for addressing purposes.

Schuette said village staff will be involved in addressing floodway/floodplain encroachment where Highland Ridge Drive will intersect with San Acres Drive.

“We are in active discussions, communication, with McMahon Associates on that, and I see a resolution here right in the near future,” he said.

Schuette said the development agreement between the village and Highland Ridge Properties “is a solid development agreement that addresses many of the issues that are inherent in any subdivision development, especially one this large.”

He recommended the development agreement, which contained an escrow agreement received the afternoon before the meeting, be approved subject to the escrow agreement being reviewed by the village attorney for any technical corrections.

Auto sales CUP

In other action, the board approved a conditional use permit for Dean’s Budget Auto Center to sell automobiles on property zoned I-2 Heavy Industry at 1067 Parkview Road.

Schuette said there is a building on the currently vacant property at the southeast corner of Parkview and South Ridge Road, where the permit applicant, Dean Beyer, requested to use the site for auto sales, a conditional use in the I-2 zoning district.

“Surrounding land uses are zoned various I-P Industrial Park and B-2 General Business,” he said. “They’re generally compatible with automobile sales.”

Schuette said the staff-recommended conditions of approval, which were put together because of issues at other locations around the village, include:

• Automobiles shall only be parked on paved portions of the parcel.
• Automobiles shall not be parked in the public right-of-way.
• No inoperable or “parts” vehicles may be kept onsite.
• All signage, temporary and permanent, shall meet the requirements of Ashwaubenon signage regulations.
• No more than 10 vehicles may be for sale on the property at any one time.
• Automobile repair and detailing shall be incidental to the use of the property for automobile sales, and only for those automobiles to be sold onsite.
• No automobile painting or bodywork is permitted onsite.

Trustee Gary Paul said tight restrictions are included with the permit.

“We don’t want no more junkyards in the village,” Paul said. “We do have a couple of problems with some (other places). He met all the conditions that Aaron talked about.”

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