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Nicolet Bank Senior Spotlight: Elijah Lange – Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran basketball, football, soccer, track and field 

Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran senior Elijah Lange is a member of the basketball, football, soccer and track and field teams. Submitted Photo

By Murray Gleffe

Name: Elijah Lange

School: Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran

Parents: Brett and Teri Lange

Sports: Basketball, football, soccer, track and field

Twitter: @Elijahlange1

Elijah Lange is a senior member of the Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran basketball, football, soccer and track and field teams.

He was part of the basketball team that advanced to the WIAA Division 5 state tournament last winter.

Lange was the third-leading scorer for the Blazers, averaging more than nine points per game.

N.E.W. Lutheran finished with a 16-11 record.

Talk about playing multiple sports.

“It’s difficult transitioning between seasons without breaks, but it’s worth it. Having my last soccer game (last fall) was hard. The best feeling during the seasons is knowing you’re meeting new people and building friendships. I love the experiences I get playing sports and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I suggest never wishing your high school years away. Take advantage of them and the opportunities given to you.”

Would you rather have a big driveway to have a full-court game of basketball or a 200-yard backyard to play soccer and practice running laps? 

“To have the basketball court and play endless games with the boys.”

What’s your most embarrassing basketball moment?

“Getting my ankles broken in a junior varsity game. Looking back, it’s not a big deal, but at the time, it was the end of the world to me.”

What’s your most memorable soccer moment?

“During the last game of my senior year, I walked off the field knowing I gave it my all.”

If you could play for one pro basketball team, which would it be? 

“The Memphis Grizzlies.”

What’s your favorite autograph ever received?

“When I was little, I went to a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay basketball game, and I got a jersey signed by all the players. It was the coolest thing ever.”

What was your favorite thing about playing basketball for head coach Mark Meerstein? 

“If you’re willing to listen and work hard, he’ll make you a better player. Coach gets the most out of you.”

Talk about a volunteer experience.

“I went on a mission trip a few years ago to South Carolina, and I got to build a hangover roof for the kids at a school. It was cool to learn a new skill but even better to interact with the kids and see them happy.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be?

“My grandfather. He’s been through lots in his life and seen cool places and things. He has great knowledge and is a hard worker.”

If you could design the team uniform for N.E.W. Lutheran, what would you do?

“I would bring back our original logo. I would change the school colors to blue, red and white and have pinstripe jerseys.”

Who’s your role model?

“My father.”

If you could write a note to anybody, who would you address it to?

“NBA player Ja Morant.”

What are your college aspirations? 

“I’d love to attend the University of Florida and play football, but I’ll settle for going to a school in Wisconsin.”

If you could have one wish, what would it be?

“To have an endless amount of wishes.”

How does running come so easy for you?

“It’s a God-given talent I’ve worked on over the past five or six years.”

Who was your favorite opponent to play in basketball? Who’s your favorite runner to compete against?

“In basketball, my favorite opponent was Josh Woller. My favorite person I ran against in track was Kiegen Sargent.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in Green Bay during the fall?

“Play football, soccer and eat pumpkin pie.”

What’s your favorite music genre? 


What one word describes you? 


A 70-foot, three-point bank-in basket or a shot made from behind the basket?

“A basket from behind the hoop. The bank is cheating yourself.”


Supper: Spaghetti

Class: Any class with Mr. Meerstein or Mrs. Gibbons

Running route: 100 meters on a track

Editor’s notes: Getting your “ankles broken” in basketball refers to when an offensive player performs a dribbling move with the ball (usually a crossover) that causes the defender to either lose balance or fall.

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