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Frank Wood remembered in song

GREEN BAY – Green Bay’s Frank Wood is being remembered this week as singer/songwriter duo Park and Franklin release their second video from the “Park and Franklin Playin’ Parks” series.

Wood was a Wisconsin newspaper entrepreneur and former faculty member of St. Norbert’s College. He is remembered as a “titan of family and community.”

“Dusk,” the song featured in this week’s post, is based on a poem written by Wood’s eldest son Patrick and immortalizes the memory of a figure who left an indelible impression within his family and community.

The music is performed by Wood’s granddaughter, Katelyn Best and her husband Ryan.

The live acoustic recording features the landscape of Pecos National Historical Park in New Mexico.

To view the video, click here.

The album recording can be found on Spotify and purchased in stores, such as Amazon and iTunes.

A new song by Park and Franklin will be released each week.

For more on the book of poetry, click here.

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