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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Owen Stieber – Green Bay Southwest basketball, soccer, tennis

Owen Stieber
Green Bay Southwest senior Owen Stieber is a member of the basketball, soccer and tennis teams. Submitted Photo

By Murray Gleffe

Name: Owen Stieber

Nickname: O

Parents: Amy and Joe Stieber

Sports: Basketball, soccer, tennis

Twitter: @OwenStieber

Owen Stieber is a three-sport athlete at Green Bay Southwest on the basketball, soccer and tennis teams.

He said magician and stunt performer Harry Houdini is a person he’d like to be for one day.

Stieber said Steve Nash is his favorite NBA player.

Your older brother, Lucas, is playing college basketball at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. How has that motivated you?

“At the next level, guys are bigger, stronger and faster. It’s motivated me to become a smarter player. When you develop your game, it isn’t only your physical strength but your mental strength, too.”

What’s it like playing tennis at Southwest under current coaches Mike Marchetti and Windsor Tanner and former coach Randy Nelson? 

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They taught me the ins and outs of the game. I give them all the credit for getting me to state multiple times and also winning conference championships.”

How often do people spell your last name incorrectly?

“Every time I say my last name or someone has to write it down, it’s 100% going to be wrong. It’s also the worst when they pronounce my name STY-BER instead of STEE-BER.”

What’s your most memorable sports moment?

“Sharing all three sports with my brother. The connection we had was beyond teammates. It was like we knew what each other was going to do before we did it.”

Amusement park or a walk on the beach?

“A walk on the beach. It allows time to slow down and let you be in the moment. It’s one of the most peaceful things to do.”

Favorite thing to do in Green Bay?

“Visit my grandma. Having her around is a blessing. I’m lucky to have her so close and always connected.”

Your uncle, Tony Bennett, is the head coach at the University of Virginia, the defending NCAA Division I men’s basketball champion. How has he influenced you?

“My relationship with my uncle is awesome. I’m fortunate to have a family member who’s so successful. He’s a basketball coach, but it’s not how I think of him. The No. 1 thing he’s helped me with is to have good faith to keep going. He’s always said, ‘Keep your faith above all else – it will guide you to experiences and depths you can only imagine.’”

What’s one thing you would change about living in the present? 

“Have everyone realize how blessed they are, and their life is amazing. In recent years, I have followed a quote, ‘Life is good.’ I would tell everyone to be good to each other and appreciate the things you have.”

What’s your leadership style in soccer? 

“I’m a leader or captain who wants the people around to be their best. I’ll give myself up to give the team everything they need. I have a selfless trait. Good leaders are not only good players.”

What five words describe you? 

“Humble, caring, funny, helpful, hard-working.”

Wimbledon or US Open? 

“The US Open. I would choose to play on hard courts – the grass courts seem slow to me.”

If you could board a plane tomorrow and go anywhere in the world, what would be your destination?

“Africa. I want to help people in need, in any way I can. I would go somewhere where I could make a difference in someone’s life.”


Class: History/social studies

Food: Rice

Movie: “Spirit”

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