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Bypass planned for work on North Overland Road

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

HOBART – The village board agreed Nov. 4 to bid out work planned on North Overland Road from the existing roundabout at Centennial Centre Boulevard through the future Centerline Drive roundabout.

Village Administrator Aaron Kramer said the project has an estimated cost of $2.3 million and would consist of improving North Overland, building a temporary road for existing traffic, deep sanitary sewer along with all other utilities and road construction, with the majority of the work being done in 2021.

He said the village has about $750,000 in a fund it could use toward the project, for which bonding would also be necessary.

This drawing depicts the planned bypass road for a portion of North Overland Road in Hobart. Submitted Illustration

Kramer said work on the temporary, two-lane paved road, which will route traffic from Larson Orchard Parkway around the construction and back to North Overland, is scheduled to begin next month.

“This road is needed as a large portion of North Overland will be closed to traffic for most of next year,” he said. “The village will be installing water, sanitary sewer and storm water service, then replace the current North Overland Road surface north to where a roundabout will be constructed, serving both the (State Highway 29/County VV) interchange (where construction is scheduled to start next year) and the proposed Centerline Drive extension.”

Kramer said the village will notify motorists when the temporary road will become operational.

He said truck traffic on the temporary road will likely be limited, with more information being released later on weight limits.

Jared Schmidt, an engineer with Robert E. Lee & Associates involved with the project, said running a deep interceptor sewer line makes it possible to provide service in the interchange area to likely save on needing to add three separate lift stations.

Schmidt said the temporary bypass road is being included because the deep sewer excavation will be wide and take up almost the entire right-of-way.

“This existing North Overland Road, as we know it today, is going to be all but gone,” he said.

Schmidt said he expects this section of North Overland Road to be closed “for the better part of a calendar year – nine months, 10 months.”

He said the bypass road has an estimated cost of around $150,000, but after it is no longer useful, the stone and asphalt could be reused for extending Centerline.

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