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Suamico board approves 2.96 percent tax levy increase

By Press Times Staff

SUAMICO – A resolution approving the 2021 village budget of $6,693,308 with a tax levy of $5,360,061 was adopted Monday, Nov. 9, by the Suamico village board.

The budget was approved as presented on a 4-2 vote with Village President Laura Nelson and Trustee Michelle Eckert being opposed and Trustee Sky Van Rossum absent.

Though the overall budget is decreasing $44,242 from the amount approved a year ago, Village Administrator Alex Kaker said the tax levy is increasing by $153,918, or 2.96 percent from the levy adopted with the 2020 budget.

Kaker said the main reasons for a higher levy include $100,000 being added to the annual road construction budget ($760,000 in total for 2021) and a scheduled contract increase with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office of approximately $42,000.

According to the 2021 budget summary, the operational levy is increasing $79,933 to $3,073,946 and accounts for about 57.3 percent of the overall tax levy.

The levy for debt service is increasing by $304,985 to $1,451,115, or 27 percent of the total levy.

The remainder of the village’s tax levy is for capital projects, which is decreasing by $230,000 to $835,000.

Kaker said an additional snow plow route is being added by delaying the sale of the village’s oldest snow plow until 2022.

Property revaluation

With the completion of property revaluation in Suamico this year to bring assessments back to or near 100 percent of market value after the assessment ratio in 2019 was below 84 percent, Kaker said the tax (mill) rate is showing a decrease of 19 percent from $4.70 to $3.72 per $1,000.

Because of a decrease in other revenue sources – such as state transportation aids, court penalties and investment income – he said that required a tax rate increase of 5.8 cents per $1,000 to be included in the overall rate.

Kaker said the owner of $300,000 worth of property in Suamico will see his or her property tax bill for village purposes increase by $17.56.

Proprietary funds

In addition to the rise in the property tax levy, Kaker said the 2021 budget also includes fee increases.

He said a $5 annual increase in the garbage/recycling fee to $180 is due in part to a recent increase of the contribution amount of the garbage/recycling fund to annual road construction.

Kaker said a $5 annual increase in the storm water fee to $35 is due in part to the need for funds to dredge storm water ponds, estimated to cost $464,460 through 2057.

Projects for 2021

Subject to final village board approval, Kaker said budgeted projects scheduled for next year with their estimated costs include:

• $900,000 to reconstruct Riverside Drive in Historic Downtown Suamico with sidewalks and street lighting. This project will also include enhancing Vickery-Docter Park, funded by Tax Incremental District No. 2.

• $180,000 to reconstruct tennis/pickleball courts at Idlewild Park, funded by the Stadium Tax District fund.

• $27,000 for a flood study along the Bay of Green Bay, funded by the storm water fund.

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