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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Tanner Belschner – Bay Port boys’ tennis

Tanner Belschner, a 2020 Bay Port High School graduate, played on the boys’ tennis team for three years. Submitted Photo

By Rich Palzewic
Sports Editor

Name: Tanner Belschner

School: Bay Port

Sport: Boys’ tennis

Parents: Paul and Zoi

Tanner Belschner, a 2020 Bay Port High School graduate, was a member of the boys’ tennis team for three years.

His hobbies include being outdoors and hanging out with friends and family.

Belschner will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study finance/investing and computer science.

Tell me about your family.

“My younger sister Callie will be an upcoming senior at Bay Port, my dad went to Green Bay Southwest and my mom attended N.E.W. Lutheran.”

Do you come from a sports family?

“Callie plays tennis, my dad wrestled, played tennis and is into cars with my grandpa and my mom was big into swimming and diving.”

When did you start playing tennis?

“When I was 6 years old, but I began taking it more seriously in the sixth grade.

Did you ever play other sports at Bay Port?

“I wrestled during my sophomore year.”

You had Lindsay and Steve Matuszewski as your tennis coaches – what was that like?

“I built a great relationship with both of them. Lindsay is a business teacher at Bay Port and led the DECA club I was involved in. Steve is a fun guy to be around and super-competitive. They were a good mix and kept each other in check.”

Are you more into singles or doubles?

“Throughout most of my career at Bay Port, I was a doubles player with Hudson Menne. During my junior year, we were one match away from going to the state tournament. I think we would have had a good chance to make it this year, but the season got canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Have you played on other surfaces besides a hard court?

“I played on clay twice. The ball seemed to play the same as a hard court, but maybe it was a little less bouncy. I’d love to play on grass.”

If you could win one professional tournament, which would it be?

“The Australian Open or U.S. Open.”

How fast can you serve?

“I’ve been serving pretty hard lately, maybe about 100 mph.”

How do your tennis skills compare to your pickleball skills?

“I haven’t played pickleball too much. I like it – it’s fun, but I’m better at tennis. I have an older neighbor friend, Bob Fisher, who I played one time – he outclassed me on the court.”

What’s your most memorable tennis moment?

“Winning the regional tournament my junior year. That was the third season in a row Hudson and I did that. We worked hard over the years.”

How about an embarrassing one?

“Warming up for a match in Rhinelander, Hudson and I were hitting overheads to the opposing team. I got hit in the nose with a shot. I had a bloody nose for about 30 minutes, and the match had to be postponed for a bit while I stopped the bleeding. We came back and won the match.”


Food: Tacos

Tennis player: Nick Kyrgios

Ice cream: Mint chocolate chip

Month: September

Holiday: Thanksgiving

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