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Kayak launches to be installed in Allouez

By Rich Palzewic
Staff Writer

ALLOUEZ – At its meeting last month, the Allouez village board unanimously approved the purchase of two kayak launches.

One will be placed at Green Isle Park on the East River and the other at Kayaker’s Point on West Lazarre Street on the Fox River.

“We were able to acquire two grants from the State of Wisconsin and the federal government for this project, both in the amount of $28,650,” said Chris Clark, director of parks, recreation and forestry. “That covers about 99.9 percent of the cost. We’d like to get them installed yet this year.”

Clark said the launches are easy to use and will accommodate mobility-limited people.

“There are rollers on them, which allows for easy off and on,” he said.

Clark said both launches will be removed for the winter months and reinstalled in the spring.

He also gave an update on the pickleball court project at Kiwanis Park.

“I’m excited to say the courts at the park are ready to go,” said Clark. “They recently finished painting the courts and putting the posts and nets up.”

In other action, the board unanimously amended an ordinance for unsightly growth in vacant properties.

Staff said the village has had a few issues this year, so new verbiage was needed.

Land without a permanent structure, dwelling or hard surface parking lot, or land not in use, empty, void of development or unoccupied will be subject to the amended ordinance.

The owner of any vacant lot – except a wetlands area – will be required to remove unsightly growth (grass, hay, brush, weeds, etc.) to a height not more than 7 inches.

The newly amended ordinance also states a vacant lot more than a half acre in size shall not permit any growth of the first 20 feet from the property line around its perimeter, also to a height not more than 7 inches.

Staff said this will help with sightlines on roads while driving and it will be safer.

Unsightly growth that has been removed needs to be collected and properly disposed and not left to lie.

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