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The fusion of time

By Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

We live in a culture of problem-solving and self-mastery and therefore want to address and fix things and then move on.

We don’t necessarily like uncertainty and ambiguity so we try to avoid the gray areas.

Currently we are trying to tackle the adverse effects of the pandemic.

We are desperately looking for a vaccine.

In conjunction with this, we’ve had to make sweeping changes in our lives to reconcile our daily operations with being safe.

In the face of isolation and change, we have been psychologically tested since being cooped up is contrary to
interacting with each other and the pursuit of happiness.

We live in a profound state of time which fuses the past, present and future.

Each has its meaning and place which is helpful in how we process things.

For some, rewatching past sports games helps us deal with the present and it’s dearth of sports. For others, walking in the woods or paddling a boat helps us find peace in the present and functions as a way to deal with the future and its lack of surety.

And for all of us, the future is mostly an unknown since we no longer have certain schedules to organize and lead
our lives.

As we continue to engage with the past and look toward the future, let us not forget the present is still a daily gift that offers opportunity – the chance to explore the curiosities of the world and the possibility to continue to find enrichment.

If taken advantage of, when things do normalize, we’ll be able to reflect on the past not in terms of loss but in growth.

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