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Embrace it

By Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

There are times when we all fall down; we all fall apart; we all fail. But when we do, we need to embrace it because that’s how we learn.

When a curve ball comes our way that we are not prepared for, we are hit by surprise — whether a life event, an illness, an addiction or even death.

We hit a low and break down, because it’s too much to handle and we perhaps try to continue to operate at a speed outside our comfort zones.

But there is a light in the darkness, because at our weakest, we begin to learn how to be strong.

At the bottom we deconstruct and have the chance to build again.

Maybe it’s not the same life path or the same ladder one has been climbing all one’s life.

But then again, that may have been the wrong path or the wrong rampart.

In a way, it might be the second chance we were looking for, to purge ourselves of the mental, emotional or physical toxins, clean ourselves up, establish a discipline previously lacking, and recalibrate for something more out of life.

Like Odysseus from Homer’s saga, we all are on our own odyssey of some kind.

Unlike Odysseus who found his home in shambles, we get to continuously define and redefine what home is from the beginning to end.

Home is what is inside our hearts and souls, our own sanctum from the raging world around us.

Now is the time to throw our nets high in the sky and deep in the water. And if we fail, we really don’t because
we initiate again and self-renew.

Life is about dancing not surviving so let the music begin. Embrace it — the best is yet to be.

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