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Security upgrades planned for Hobart village facilities

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

HOBART – After designating up to $69,000 in surplus funds from last year’s village budget for safety upgrades at village hall, a proposal for the first phase of those improvements has been put together.

Police chief Randy Bani informed the Hobart village board Tuesday, July 7, about an estimated $15,521 worth of upgrades at the village hall, public works building and two fire stations.

Bani said an upgrade of the alarm system at village hall would include the door to the meeting room, the kitchen door and the door to the officers’ office, as well as a new secured full glass door with a buzzer to allow people in and out of the building.

“Basically, what we’re going to do is secure the front desk,” he said. “We have to build some more cabinetry out there, and then we’re going to put that thick Plexiglas – it’s not going to be bulletproof glass because it’s cost prohibitive to try and do that – but we’re going to put what everyone else uses for safety is that thick Plexiglas… that would go almost to the ceiling.”

Bani said someone entering the front of the village hall wouldn’t be able to get into the back offices without being buzzed in, while the employees would have a key fob to get in.

After a builder lined up for the project recently backed out because of being too busy, he said another builder is now being sought for the upgrades.

The board held off taking action on the security upgrades pending the receipt of another bid on the project.

School crossing

To improve safety at Hillcrest Elementary School, the board approved a bid of $8,580 from Decker Supply Co. to purchase a flashing light package for the school crossing at Hillcrest and Concord.

Village Administrator Aaron Kramer said money for the project was earmarked from last year’s village budget surplus as well as the Pulaski school district paying a portion.

“(The school district is) also doing their own work on their side of the property line, but this phase is for the lighted crosswalk,” he said.

Kramer said the goal is to install the flashing light package before the start of school year.

“That gives us a little less than two months, being optimistic that school reopens in September,” he said. “But regardless, we want this to be operational at that point.”

Public Works Director Jerry Lancelle said installation is covered under the contract for the rest of the crosswalk.

“Basically, it’s all solar-powered and radio-activated, so there is no wiring,” he said.

The flashing signal lights will have push-button activation from either side of the school crossing.

Project updates

Director of Planning and Code Compliance Todd Gerbers provided the board with updates on two projects in the village.

Gerbers said LaserForm, which is in the process of building a 72,800-square-foot manufacturing facility at 3750 Packerland Dr., is also planning an additional 2,400-square-foot accessory building on the northwest corner of the development for storage.

He said a proposed 16,170-square-foot sports training facility at 740 Centerline Dr. received approval from the village Site Review Committee on the condition it be constructed with block and an exterior insulation finishing system, because Centennial Centre guidelines do not allow metal wall panels.

Gerbers said the project will have a full review, likely in August, to include storm water, landscaping, utilities, etc.

Hemlock Creek Fifth Addition

The board also approved an intergovernmental agreement to provide sanitary sewer and water services to the Hemlock Creek subdivision’s fifth addition, located in the Town of Lawrence and the Village of Hobart.

Kramer said the agreement, which took years to finalize, addresses issues such as who’s going to provide the water, how do the streets line up, who plows, what laws apply to what side and what to do about the lots partially in both municipalities.

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