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Allouez board approves sale of land, accepts grant

By Rich Palzewic
Staff Writer

ALLOUEZ – At its June 16 meeting, the Allouez village board approved the sale of a parcel of land to Wisconsin Medical Credit Union and accepted a grant for the reconstruction of Libal Street.

Now the sale is complete, work on the building, located at 1677 S. Webster Ave., will begin soon.

“It’s exciting – it will be a nice looking building,” said Jim Rafter, village president.

The village also received a surface transportation block grant for the design and reconstruction of Libal Street from State Highway 172 to North Kalb Street.

The total estimated project cost is $5,331,062, with federal funding of $4,264,851 (80 percent) and local share of $1,066,211 (20 percent).

The program funding does not cover right-of-way acquisition and public utility improvement (sanitary sewer and water main) cost

The anticipated project schedule would be to begin design in 2021 and construction in 2024.

“To reconstruct the roadway from 172 to Allouez Avenue, we would have to purchase right-of-way,” said Sean Gehin, public works director. “The project cost includes engineering, cost to construct, inflation and other fees. We would also have to add some sidewalks. It’s a great opportunity for the village to improve Libal Street.”

Rafter said Gehin applied for the largest grant possible for the project, but all the money might not be needed if parts of Libal Street don’t have to be reconstructed.

“We won’t know until we begin the project and get in to take a look,” Gehin said. “I wanted to prepare for the possibility of more reconstruction than what we might need.”

Rafter also announced the passing of a former village trustee.

“With sadness, I announce the passing of Dave Hoslet,” he said. “Dave served on the village board from 1996-2005 and passed away June 2 at the age of 86. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but he served the community for a long time.”

A request from Los Magueyes, a Mexican restaurant located at 1329 S. Webster Ave., to amend the premise description of its liquor license was also approved.

The request allows Los Magueyes to sell and serve alcohol in the parking lot.

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