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Mexico Lindo ready with fresh food in Howard

By Ben Rodgers

HOWARD – De Pere’s loss is Howard’s gain with the newest Mexican restaurant in the area.

Owner Alvaro Barajas opened Mexico Lindo at 445 Cardinal Lane late last month after closing his other restaurant, El Presidente in De Pere.

Alex Fernandez, manager at Mexico Lindo (Spanish for “Beautiful Mexico”) said the move was due to increased rent and a lack of parking in De Pere.

“He kind of wanted a fresh start, that’s why he changed the name, to do better for his family,” Fernandez said.

He said the menu is the same concept, but with more of an emphasis on fresh ingredients at Mexico Lindo. This also includes tableside guacamole made to order.

Fernandez said the biggest change can be had from 3-6 p.m. daily at Happy Hour with medium house margaritas made from freshly squeezed lime juice and 100-percent agave tequila.

“Here we do fresh lime juice, and squeeze it every day,” Fernandez said.

Diners are also greeted with a large menu with sections for chicken, pork, steak, seafood and vegetarian, as well as dishes like quesadillas, salads, fajitas, chimichangas, tacos, burritos and enchiladas.

“It’s a big menu, but there are some people that might want this one day and the next day might want something different,” Fernandez said. “We give variety to keep people coming back, and to let them try new things and give a perspective of things we do at home or in our culture.”

He recommends the quesadillas and said he eats at least one a day.

Fernandez said he understands people might not be comfortable dining in at a restaurant right now, so the restaurant is offering carryout for everyone and delivery to local businesses.

The full menu can be found online at mexicolindogb.com.

He also said the restaurant is disinfecting booths and tables after each use and will space diners out if they eat in.
“It’s been a long time not working and stuff, so we’ll welcome anybody in,” Fernandez said. “Of course, if somebody says, ‘I don’t want to be close to someone else,’ we’ll do that as well for anybody.”

He said whether customers dine in, or carryout, they will find the same food served by smiling faces that made El Presidente a mainstay in De Pere for the past decade.

“If the kitchen isn’t good and the service isn’t good, it doesn’t matter if the place is 100-percent new,” Fernandez said. “It’s all about the service and food.”

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