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Contracts approved for Lancaster Creek Estates

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

HOWARD – Utility and roadway contracts totaling more than $1.2 million for the Lancaster Creek Estates were approved Monday, April 13, by the village board.

The planned subdivision will develop 36 single-family residential lots on vacant property.

The board previously approved a development agreement for Lancaster Creek Estates, which will provide a loop to complete a road connection between Folkestone Drive and Stockbury Street on the west end of the Glen Kent subdivision.

Mike Kaster, director of engineering, said special assessments for Lancaster Creek Estates can’t be charged until the project plat is recorded.

“Those assessments will come forward at a later date, and only the developer properties will be special-assessed,” he said. “There will be no private residents special-assessed with this project (with no abutting property owners or existing residents being charged).”

Board members approved a utility construction contract of $591,695 for Feaker & Sons and a roadway construction contract of $660,907 to McKeefry & Sons, contingent upon attorney review.

Asphalt resurfacing

The board approved awarding the 2020 asphalt resurfacing project to MCC Inc. for $801,767, contingent upon attorney review.

The largest section of road resurfacing involves more than 2,500 feet of Hillcrest Heights between Woodale Avenue and Glendale Avenue with that portion of the contract costing nearly $214,000.

Geoff Farr, director of public works, said pulverizing and paving Hummingbird Heights, as well as the Apollo sidewalks, will also be part of the repaving.

“It does also include some costs for pulverizing and paving of the area around the new (Nouryon Park) mini-diamonds that are scheduled to be completed this year,” Farr said. “It also included the pickleball courts at Meadowbrook, some street resurfacing and patching on Pinecrest, as well as sidewalk repairs, crack sealing, testing, contingencies and surveying.”

He said it also includes some resurfacing work in subdivisions, a Forest Glen turn lane for the Howard-Suamico School District, as well as curb and inlet repairs.

Farr said the village’s resurfacing work over the next five years will be “reduced dramatically due to some the large projects that are scheduled,” including the State Highway 29/County VV interchange and the reconstruction of Lineville Road.

“But after that, staff expects the resurfacing program to be much, much larger than it is today,” he said.

Farr said the village’s current funding level for resurfacing should be $1.7 million annually, based on replacing about 4.4 miles of pavement each year to maintain the existing overall pavement condition, but that amount of repaving isn’t planned until 2026.

He said the village’s planned expenditures for paving the next six years include $400,000 in 2021, no dollars in 2022, $1.4 million in 2023, $1.3 million in 2024, no dollars in 2025 and $2.3 million in 2026.

Public safety building

Board members spend much of the meeting discussing what should be done to seal the exterior masonry walls of the public safety building.

They considered whether to only seal or seal and stain the building.

After multiple motions, the board approved having public works staff stain and seal the building for $8,000.

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