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From the publisher: The present

By Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

A Buddhist Monk once wrote that “To live in the present moment is a miracle.”

Given the current situation of being sequestered, we are finding new ways to bring body and soul to the present moment.

Being present means being mindful of how we engage with each day.

Life is racing away from us, speeding up to a barely noticeable zoom as we get older and our present will soon be
the past that we long for.

There is a peace when we locate ourselves in time and place, of taking part in the miracle of life.

With thoughtful awareness, we are found in a moment of timelessness.

We are ourselves – shed of the world’s demanded costumes and make-up, minds rendered naked.

There is no desire dedicated to self-absorption because there is peace.

At some point, for each of us, our boat will come into harbor and our journey on this earth will end.

What are the best ways to fill the moments in which we live?

How can we celebrate those who nourish and guide us, those who have molded us?

Will they become the ghosts that reside in our memories or can we bring them to full color each day of communion?


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