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Committee approves redevelopment plan for Stadium Shell

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – A plan to redevelop the existing Stadium Shell at 1221 Lombard Access Road as a two-story convenience store with a fueling island and car wash was approved last month by the village’s Site Plan Review Committee.

Community Development Director Aaron Schuette said existing buildings will be razed for the project.

Schuette said the exterior materials of the convenience store and car wash will consist of a brick veneer with stone insets and accent lighting, along with metal accent panels along the parapet walls and an aluminum storefront window system.

“Definitely an improvement from what is there,” he said.

Schuette said the interior will include a convenience store on the first floor and a second-floor mezzanine level where an ice cream shop will be located along with an office and back-office support areas.

He said the site will remain primarily paved and include five fueling stations under one canopy with the limited green space staying the same.

Schuette said the convenience store and car wash will be located immediately adjacent to the westerly and southerly lot lines.

With the property zoned SB Special Business, where there is a zero-foot minimum setback, he said any building foundation walls on or within three feet of the property line are required to have a minimum of 10 feet below the surface grade to avoid development on adjacent properties from undercutting the building foundation.

Tim Kuehn, who owns Margarita’s and a strip mall near the Stadium Shell, raised concerns about the redevelopment.

“One of my concerns is the excessive building height and size for a smaller… lot,” he said.

Kuehn said he also was concerned about whether 25 parking spots would be enough for the property so that Stadium Shell customers wouldn’t be using his parking lot.

“It’s a lot of stuff on a small site,” he said.

Schuette said the planned building height conforms to the zoning map, which authorizes up to 60 feet along this area, while the amount of parking met the village’s standards.

“We can’t just kind of unilaterally change the code,” he said. “It is what it is at this point as far as parking. It does meet the requirements.”

Dan Pamperin, who owns the Stadium Shell development, said the project stays within the village code with a two-story building being something he has always planned for the site.

“I’m quite positive anyone who would develop in that area now would not build a one-story building, whether it’s a convenience store or not,” he said.

Pamperin said the two-story convenience store will be located across the street from where a seven-story building is planned.

“My idea was to blend into the Titletown District with this building,” he said.

Pamperin said a Baskin-Robbins is planned for the second story with the name to be placed on the back of the convenience store.

He said Baskin-Robbins offers specialty items, such as ice cream cakes, which customers would pick up and not park there for long.

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