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Johnson to face Zima for District 9

By Press Times Staff

GREEN BAY – After one term on the sidelines, longtime local politician Guy Zima is back on the general election ballot.

Incumbent Brian Johnson will face Zima April 7 for the Green Bay city council seat in District 9.

Johnson received 356 votes in the February primary, to Zima’s 265.

District 9 in Green Bay encompasses the Broadway District on the west side of the Fox River.

The Press Times emailed each candidate the same three questions and gave them 100 words to respond to each.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Why should people vote for you?

I’m seeking re-election at the urging of neighbors who’ve witnessed Green Bay’s positive transformation the past two years.

We’re getting things done.

I don’t take your trust for granted and I’m here to work for you.

I made promises to our residents, and I’ve kept them.

I secured more funding for streets and we’re doing 40 percent more over the 10-year average, approved additional traffic officers to curtail neighborhood speeding, supported more than $500 million in economic expansion, secured $4 million for affordable housing and neighborhood improvements and restored civility to local politics; we’re providing clean, honest and accountable government.

What’s the biggest issue in District 9?

We’re installing two new high-capacity lift stations in our district which will eliminate the flooding that has harmed our residents for decades.

Rat complaints are down, and we continue to conduct proactive inspections to inform residents about how to manage their population.

We need to control our tax rate; we are the highest taxed municipality in Brown County, which is why I’ve opposed unnecessary tax and spending increases.

I’ve advanced a five-year capital improvement plan, the first in 20 years, to better manage our budget and growing debt to ensure we’re careful stewards of your tax dollars.

What do you support for continued growth on Broadway?

The Broadway District comprises 0.3 percent of the city’s land area but holds 7 percent of the total assessed property value.

Urban density pays taxes that support services across the city. We should nourish it.

I helped recruit $100 million of taxpaying investment currently under construction or contract in the Broadway District, including 565 housing units for all income levels.

I’ve been the advocate to secure funding to relocate the coal piles out of our neighborhood.

I creatively worked to pass the Shipyard, which will transform our riverfront by offering residents additional recreational value without existing property tax burden.

Guy Zima

Guy Zima

Why should people vote for you?

As a 40-year veteran of the city council, I have the experience, the knowledge, the courage and the time to ask the hard questions that need to be asked and solve the everyday problems that constituents need to be solved.

What’s the biggest issue in District 9?

The biggest issues facing Green Bay are getting and implementing a real plan to resolve street repair and storm water problems, and to strengthen our police force to make Green Bay a safe place to live.

What do you support for continued growth on Broadway?

1. Upgrade street and sidewalks without gouging homeowners.

2. Upgrade programs to improve housing standards.

3. Develop economic programs which benefit small business, rather than give subsidies to big business.

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