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Allouez village board urges website use

By Josh Staloch

ALLOUEZ – The Allouez village board led off its Tuesday, March 17, meeting with COVID-19 updates, confirming the village’s website will be the place to go for information on closures and notices within the village during the developing situation.

At villageofallouez.com, residents can also find solutions for online bill payment, as officials encourage people to avoid gathering in public spaces such as village hall.

Assistant Chief Rob Goplin of the Green Bay Fire Department gave an update on emergency preparedness.

As of Friday, March 13, a lockdown of all area fire stations was put into place, restricting public access to the facilities, eliminating tours and inspections in an attempt to isolate personnel from unnecessary exposure to the virus.

Goplin said there is currently an emergency staffing plan in place and it will allow departments to stay staffed throughout the duration of extra demand.

Also being implemented is a non-transport policy for EMS workers.

This policy dictates that unless a patient meets a certain criteria, they will not be transported to local hospitals.

In other news

Following an unanimous vote of support from the board, the village will provide sewer backup insurance for Allouez residents.

In the event a storm overloads the village’s sewer system, or a water main break floods a home, residents can count on extra insurance help coming from the village to supplement any homeowner policies.

Two bids were received for the village’s 2020 street resurfacing project, which will include work on St. Mary Street, Stanton Court/Arbor Lane, Garland Street and Longview Avenue.

Coming in with a bid approximately $90,000 less than the village’s initial estimate was Northeast Asphalt.

The board unanimously accepted the Appleton-based company’s bid of $593,726, and work on the project is expected to be completed by Sept. 25.

The village will also purchase a used garbage truck from the City of De Pere.

Late last year, Allouez purchased another used garbage truck from De Pere and converted it into a leaf vacuum truck.

The village plans to do the same with this most recent acquisition on its way to a total of three such trucks, which will eliminate the previous method of bailing and save the village money down the road.

The village will take possession of the truck next January, with De Pere agreeing to hold onto it until then.

Contingent on an inspection at that time, Allouez will be paying $25,000 for the truck.

It was also noted that there will be no village board meeting on April 7 due to the spring election.

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