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Schadewald and Walker facing off for District 24

By Press Times Staff

BROWN COUNTY – Political newcomer AJ Walker is challenging incumbent Richard Schadewald for the District 24 seat on the Brown County board this April.

Schadwald has held the seat since 2014.

District 24 consists of the northern part of the Village of Hobart and the western part of the Village of Howard.

Richard Schadewald

Why should people vote for you?

Helping my constituents is my main job as their representative.

I have answered every concern, question, or issue presented promptly and worked hard to find answers and resolutions for them.

I connected them with county agencies or programs, worked it out with Village of Howard or Hobart officials, or contacted state representatives.

For better health in our communities, I worked to expand our mental health crisis programs, veteran’s assistance, drug intervention, public health initiatives and child protective service programs to help families in our communities.

If re-elected, I will continue to help resolve concerns for my constituents.

Richard Schadewald

What’s the biggest issue in District 24?

The villages of Howard and Hobart are great communities to live and raise a family, which is why I chose to live here for the past 40 years.

As your Brown County supervisor, I work to maintain and enhance our great quality of life here.

I work with the sheriff’s department to maintain the safety of our citizens in their homes, neighborhoods and the county at-large.

County road construction and timely maintenance are important to the infrastructure of each community.

As a property taxpayer, maintaining quality services and programs at a low property tax rate is always the goal.

What needs to happen to ensure the continued growth of Centennial Centre once the interchange project is completed?

Economic development is one of the important objectives of our county government.

An initiative that I am working on is to enhance the fiber optic cable availability throughout the county, especially our rural areas in Hobart and Howard.

Getting 5G networks to all our citizens will help families, businesses large and small, those who work from home and the growth of areas like Centennial Centre.

Also, in our last budget, we reduced the total tax levy, lowered our property tax rate and cut our county’s indebtedness by millions.

A low tax rate will help continued growth throughout the county.

AJ Walker

Why should people vote for you?

My candidacy is about bridging the divide, and this starts with an emphasis on listening, compromise and fresh conversation about meeting the needs of Brown County residents.

I am a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am currently a Green Bay police officer.

I have experience fighting for people.

I believe our county needs new energy and supervisors with more diverse experiences.

The makeup of our county board has to match the changing needs of its residents.

I have the temperament and skills necessary to push our county forward.

AJ Walker

What’s the biggest issue in District 24?

District 24 is unique and interesting.

The greatest challenge for our district is leadership.

District 24 is doing well, while other districts are reeling from housing issues, mental health inefficiency and lack of communication between municipal and county organizations.

If elected to the county board, I want to take a holistic approach to how we lead from the front as a district.

Part of my candidacy is to provide leadership and inform voters about what the county board actually does, how the board votes, how the board spends taxpayer money and how the average citizen can get more involved.

What needs to happen to ensure the continued growth of Centennial Centre once the interchange project is completed?

Centennial Centre is amazing.

I did a lot of door knocking in this area and I met a lot of great people who were so receptive of my candidacy.

This fast-growing section of Hobart needs to be allowed to flourish.

In recent years, the demand for housing has been exponential and I will fight for housing costs to stay affordable and manageable.

It is important that current and future residents do not get priced out of this area in the future as demand continues to rise. Centennial Centre is a beautiful part of the American dream.

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