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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Emily Kaster – West De Pere dance

By Murray Gleffe


Name: Emily Kaster

Parents: Karen and Chad Kaster 

Activity: Dance

Twitter: @emilymkaster 

Emily Kaster is a senior on the West De Pere dance team.

She plans to major in English and biochemistry at UW-Madison and take pre-med courses.

When did your interest in dance begin?

“When I was in kindergarten.”

California for warmth or Alaska for nature?

“California for warmth.”

How do you balance dance and academics?

“I organize my time and plan, so I’m able to have my homework done and study for tests, while still having time to practice for dance.”

What’s your most embarrassing dance moment?

“My sophomore year, I had mono, but the doctor told me it was allergies. He had me take Benadryl, so I was very tired and ended up forgetting what I was doing during kick at state. This year, I ran off the floor and got sick, but I made it to the garbage.”

Which teammate could you see performing on Fox Sports?

“Hannah Neuville. She’s a good dancer and not afraid to dance in front of others and be herself.”

What’s your most memorable moment?

“Dancing a month with mono – my face was so swollen. You can see it in the video taken from the top of the bleachers.”

Cut the grass or shovel snow?

“Cut the grass.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be?

“Hailey Bieber. I would love to be married to Justin Bieber for a day.”

How do you inspire or show leadership to younger teammates?

“I help new girls and try to better the team. I motivate others and help the team find common goals, so we’re all working for the same thing.”

Do you have a nickname?

“I was called squints after I was sick, and my face puffed. Now my friends call me Em.”

What’s something about you most people don’t know?

“I get to drive my grandpa’s 1928 John Deere tractor at his shows.”

What’s your dream job?

“To become an interventional pain doctor with a background in anesthesiology.”

What’s your favorite event ever attended?

“I love going to concerts at Summerfest.”

Fruits or veggies?


What’s your favorite type of music?


What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t studying or competing in dance?

“Hanging out with my friends, watching Netflix, cuddling with my dogs and skiing or snowboarding in winter.”

What’s the hardest class assignment you’ve turned in?

“Anything math-related.”

What three words describe you?

“Hard-working, funny, leader.”

What’s your favorite trip ever taken?

“The most recent one when I went to the Carolinas with my family and best friend. We went to see waterfalls and got to go behind and slide down a rock, which went through it. We went to the Outer Banks and toured the Carolina Panthers’ stadium.”

Talk about your family and how they help you succeed.

“My parents are successful, and they help me alot with school. Even though they sometimes annoy me about homework or little things, they push me. My mom is especially helpful because she’s in the health field and is a team leader at the pain clinic at Bellin. She pushes me to work as a CNA and get experience in the field.”

Read a book or watch a movie?

“Watch a movie.”

How do you want to be remembered at West De Pere after graduation?

“A hard-working student and dancer – someone who was able to put a smile on people’s faces.”

What’s your favorite dance move in a competition?

“An aerial. It’s more fun than at practice because I can fly with the adrenaline.”

What’s your favorite outfit or uniform to perform in?

“This year’s pom uniform. It’s full of gems, and it’s super flashy.”

I will always remember …

“My freshman year, a girl was late to summer practice, so my coach made us run until she got there. She never came, so coach finally let us stop.”


Food: Pasta 

Subject: Science 

Color: Purple and blue 

Television show: “Grey’s Anatomy” 


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