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Scannel faces Heu for seat on council in District 7

By Press Times Staff

GREEN BAY – Only the incumbent in the April Race for District 7 on the Green Bay city council chose to respond to questions sent by The Press Times.

Alder Randy Scannell is looking to retain his seat against newcomer Rachel Heu.

Scannell has held the seat since 2014.

District 7 is made up of northwest Green Bay, immediately west of the Fox River.

The Press Times sent each candidate the same questions and gave them 100 words to respond to each.

Heu did not respond to multiple attempts to receive her answers.

Randy Scannell

Why should people vote for you?

In my six years as an alder, I have worked hard to understand how the city operates and build many relationships to help solve city issues.

I am proud of my record. Some of my achievements are: implementing a code of conduct; restructuring the Protection and Policy Committee for better governance; establishing the Public Arts and Sustainability commissions; supporting developments, affordable housing, local businesses and community organizations like Neighborworks, homeless shelters and neighborhood associations.

It’s also been very satisfying to help residents with neighborhood problems.

I believe my accomplishments and what I stand for brings value to our community.

Randy Scannell

What’s the biggest issue in District 7?

Our deteriorating streets have long been a problem.

Under the old assessment system, many people chose not to have their streets repaired.

They couldn’t afford the assessments.

This resulted in their streets being dropped to the bottom of the repair list.

After supporting implementation of the wheel tax, I advocated for Public Works to reassess the conditions of all streets, including those at the bottom of the repair list.

Many roads still need repairs, but my constituents can now afford to have their streets fixed, and several streets in District 7 will be reconstructed or resurfaced this year.

What should be done to address problems with flooding in District 7?

Fortunately, we have yet to experience any serious flooding in District 7.

Being in a flood plain and old infrastructure are a few of the reasons why some areas along the East River and a few places on the west side have been flooded.

The city is working with the county and the DNR to address this problem.

I voted for the city to add a sustainability coordinator position.

This person will also help resolve flooding and other environmental issues.

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