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Campbell and Peters running for District 22 in April

By Press Times Staff

BROWN COUNTY – The April 7 race for the Brown County board seat representing District 22 will be between Tom Peters and Corrie Campbell.

The seat has been held by Patrick Moynihan, Jr. for 19 years.

Moynihan announced he will be making a bid on the Republican ticket for Brown County Clerk in the fall election.

District 22 includes portions of Ashwaubenon, De Pere and Lawrence.

Campbell previously represented District 21 on the county board from 2013-18.

The Press Times emailed both candidates the same questions and gave them 100 words to answer each.

Corrie Campbell

Why should people vote for you?

I have seven years experience as an elected representative and 20-plus years experience as a business owner and business developer.

I know the value of a dollar and the hard work it takes to earn it.

I will fight for my constituents to ensure their own tax dollars work harder for them and their families at the county level.

In Brown County, we provide oversight of a budget in excess of $247 million, and I go through it line by line, just as I do my own budget, to ensure proper allocation and cost savings through debt reduction.

Corrie Campbell

What’s the biggest issue in District 22?

The Southern Bypass Bridge will be one of the most important issues in this coming decade for District 22.

Getting politicians to agree to anything is a challenge and, to deal with that, the communities of District 22 will need a person like myself who has the knowledge and experience and possesses the skills – from both governmental and private business – to represent all fairly and professionally, ensuring the interests of each of our specific communities are addressed equitably at the county level.

I will fight for my communities in District 22.

How should the county help develop the airport?

As a frequent traveler for business, I know, from personal experience, the lack of airlines and options presents many challenges.

We should not have to drive to Milwaukee, or Chicago, or Minneapolis or to Appleton to get affordable flights into and out of the area for business or personal purposes.

We are an international airport.

Air travel should be affordable and easily accessible.

To me, we need to be more proactive in our efforts to pitch and secure more direct flights to and from Green Bay with major airlines and budget airlines.

Tom Peters

Why should people vote for you?

I’m running to serve you.

Like any good businessman knows, you’re my customer – period.

I hope you’ll provide me the opportunity to put my 45 years of private business experience to work for you.

Whether it’s watching the bottom line, championing an issue for you or having the experience to know how easy decisions today can have major implications tomorrow – I’m not afraid to be the voice of reason, stand up and do the right thing.

If you have any issues or ideas on how to improve the county, please feel free to call me at 920-619-0011.

Tom Peters

What’s the biggest issue in District 22?

Quote: “As a retired business owner, I know how to identify opportunities for improvement and get it done. That’s the type of experience I want to bring to county government.”

My Pledge to You:

• I’m here to serve you. I’ll listen to your ideas, fight for your interests and cut through government red tape for you.

• The county must live within its means – just like families do. I’ll work to keep taxes low while providing services we expect.

• I know what it takes to create jobs, and I’ll help create an environment to foster family-supporting jobs.

How should the county help develop the airport?

Austin Straubel Airport is an important economic asset to our county and surrounding areas in Northeast Wisconsin.

I feel the county should do everything possible to attract industrial development on the airport’s properties.

TIF district designation would be an excellent start, followed by aid for jobs training and low-interest loans for state-of-the-art capital equipment technology.

Brown County needs high-skills-paying jobs to encourage our children and grandchildren to relocate/stay, live and play in Northeast Wisconsin’s high quality of life environment.

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