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Pulaski to present Disney musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’

By Kiana Chang
Pulaski News

PULASKI – This year, Pulaski High School will stage the Disney musical “Beauty and the Beast.”

The story is of a prince who is turned into a beast by an enchantress, living in his castle with his enchanted household items, such as Lumiere and Mrs. Potts.

The condition for the beast to return to his human form is to fall in love and to be loved.

On top of that condition, there’s also a time limit. Once all the petals of the magical rose fall, he won’t be able to return to his human self.

However, when Maurice, an inventor, is taken captive for trespassing near the Beast’s castle, Maurice’s daughter, Belle, a bold and intelligent young woman, takes the initiative to go search for her father.

Her plan of rescuing Maurice somewhat succeeds as she takes his place as the captive of the beast.

As Belle and the Beast continue to spend time together, they come to understand and befriend each other.

Their feelings grow deeper as the petals continue falling, but will they confess their love for one another before it’s too late?

All seats are reserved and admission is $8.

Tickets are currently available online at pulaskihs.ludus.com or by calling 920-822-6800.

Showtimes are:

• Saturday, Feb. 22, 7 p.m.

• Sunday, Feb. 23, 2 p.m., matinee

• Saturday, Feb. 29, 7 p.m.

• Sunday, March 1, 2 p.m. matinee

Musical leaders are: director, Amy Tubbs; choir director, Kathy Brown; choreographer, Melissa Welsing; assistant director, Kimberlee Miller; pit band director, Jackson Smith; set design and stage crew director, Spencer Karls and costumer, Rolean Wernicke.

Cast members include: narrator, Ryan Bouchard; young man, Hunter Chrisman; old beggar woman, Katrina Erickson; Belle, Hannah Dornfeld; Maurice, Riley Brown; aristocratic lady, Giselle Rottier; fish man, Caleb Wilinski; egg man, Jonas Kanuhsa; sausage curl girl, Grace Drake; baker, Adrian Caylor; lady with a cane, Amelia Lara; lady with baby, Avery McCallum; candle man, Ryan Bouchard; hat seller, Tim Huber; milkmaid, Marie Kraning; shepherd villager, Grayson Rondou; bookseller, Connor Heezen; a mother, Allison Carter; Gaston, Caleb Miller; LeFou, Theodore Hock; silly girls, Alyssa Bruckert, Allison Carter, Oriana Cheney, Abby Harris, Rylee Miller, Lindsey Seaquist; Gaston’s cronies, Ryan Bouchard, Adrian Caylor, Connor Heezen, Tim Huber, Jonas Kanuhsa, Grayson Rondou, Caleb Wilinski; Monsieur D’Arque, Marcus Moss; Cogsworth, Mickey Wirtz; Lumiere, Cole O’Brien; Babette, Jessica Goska; Mrs. Potts, Heidi Matz; Chip, Amber Ahlswede; Madame de la Grande Bouche, Alyssa Rettke; and the beast, Hunter Chrisman.

Dancers include: Ryan Bouchard, Madeleine Diefenthaler, Grace Drake, Natalie Dyal, Grace Goodness, Connor Heezen, Tiffany Hilbert, Tim Huber, Audryn Just, Marie Kraning, Grayson Rondou, Giselle Rottier, Elaina Welsing and Bailey White.

Chorus members include: Ryan Bouchard, Kathryn Boywid, Alyssa Bruckert, Allison Carter, Adrian Caylor, Abigail Cheney, Oriana Cheney, Brenna Deprey, Madeleine Diefenthaler, Grace Drake, Natalie Dyal, Katrina Erickson, Grace Goodness, Ryleigh Guelig, Abby Harris, Isabella Harris, Connor Heezen, Lauren Herison, Tiffany Hilbert, Breann Hodge, Allie Huber, Tim Hubert, Audryn Just, Jonas Kanuhsa, Kole Konrad, Marie Kraning, Amelia Lara, Avery McCallum, Rylee Miller, Delaney Nickerson, Sienna Potts, Genavieve Ramirez, Grayson Rondou, Giselle Rottier, Lindsey Seaquist, Emily Skala, Aubrey Sobiesczyk, Leah Stein, Jena Truckenbrod, Elaina Welsing, Katelyn Wessely, Bailey White, Karissa Willette and Caleb Wilinski.

Stage crew members are: Haley Brabant, Jade Chrisman, Paige Christiansen, Nicholas Diefenthaler, Madeline Grzeskowiak, Sinai Guzman, Coreena Hernandez, Natalie Horen, Katelyn Krause, Jayden Lepp, Gavin Mangold, Mackenzie Meyer, Shaun Moehle, Alex Morrell, Gavin Naumann, Kevin Nickel, Rachel Pagel, Iyana Ramey, Rida Steif, Kara Thomsom, Ashley Valeria, Hannah VanEnkevort, Kiley VanSchyndel and Ruby VanZeeland.

Pit band members are: bass, Will Voelker; cello, Conner Steeno; keyboard two, Cece Maroszek; keyboard three/harp, Ella Sobiek; strings (key four), Jarid Dyal; reed one, Brooke Volkman; reed two, Aiden Tengowski; reed three, Megan Mielke; saxophones, Kaiden Crouse; low brass, Josh Henslin; trumpet two, Dylan Fulgione; French horn one, Greta Volberding; French horn two, Natan Seitz; French horn three, Katie Heck; drum set, Sam Murphy; auxiliary percussion, Hayden Sobiek and Grace Ngyuen.

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