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By Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some of you may be thinking about what you’re going to do for that special person that you cherish, some of you may be reflecting on and missing that someone you’ve lost, and others of you may be dreaming about the one you’ve yet to find.

While the standard economy for Valentine’s Day emphasizes cards, flowers, chocolates, and other material manifestations of love, why not take this time to reflect on the special people in your life – whether this takes the form of an intimate relationship, loving family member, or cherished friend – and do something meaningful in appreciation for their love and support.

You might write a poem about how much this person means to you and the irreplaceable role she or he plays in your life.

You might build something or make something for that person.

You might do something that you’ve never done before or rarely do – such as a pop-up breakfast in bed, or fixing that loose rail on the porch, or even taking a walk down the street or driving through the countryside to reminisce upon the rich memories you’ve made together.

Whatever it is, why not make it extra-ordinary to distinguish from the ordinary days …or perhaps why not make every day you spend with that person a happy Valentine’s Day.

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