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Howard Commons Building C change orders approved

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

HOWARD – A series of change orders totaling more than $28,000 for Building C of the Howard Commons apartment complex received village board approval earlier this month.

Ryan Raskin of Altius Building Company appeared before the board to go over the changes for the third building now under construction and scheduled to open to tenants next spring.

Raskin said the building had a $25,000 allowance for site utilities, when around $37,000 was spent for the resolution of storm, water and sewer piping.

He said $25,300 was added to change the sound matting, while $21,839 was reduced to remove a secondary sound mat layer.

“This is an item Erik Goerke (of Alliance Management) was heavily involved with, and he had engaged an acoustical engineer, and this was one of the recommendations that acoustical engineer had made,” Raskin said.

Alliance Management has an agreement with the village to manage and market Howard Commons.

Raskin said $5,490 was spent to run a gas line for the potential to develop an oasis area, while it cost $370 to flip vestibule doors by mailboxes.

To move an ADA unit to the first floor, he said costs of $2,645 were incurred.

Along with $860 for added roofing not in the plans, Raskin said $6,982 worth of hardware modifications were made with changes in the first two buildings not having been included for Building C.

Raskin said a cost of $3,960 was incurred to change the kitchen countertop selection, which is more expensive than the countertop no longer available that was installed in the first two buildings.

He said additional roof framing cost $2,850, while plumbing work to add water for the trash chute cost $2,300.

Raskin said other credits used to offset costs included $6,604 for siding materials, $5,300 for pipe insulation and $550 to eliminate a double sink in an ADA bathroom.

He said six items that had been missed in the drawings came to around $13,000.

Village Administrator Paul Evert said Building C has a contingency fund of $300,000 with only about 10 percent being used with the change orders.

“We don’t anticipate much else, if anything,” Evert said.

Raskin said the third floor of Building C is now being painted with the second floor having the drywall taped to the finish and the first floor having the drywall being hung.

“We’re on track for April 1 move-ins,” he said.

The first two apartment buildings of Howard Commons have been completed and are already open with occupancy reported near 100 percent.

Located between the YMCA and Meadowbrook Park, the project was designed as three luxury apartment buildings with 84 units in Building A, 39 units in Building B and 45 units in Building C.

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