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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Cambria Budinger – West De Pere volleyball


By Murray Gleffe


Name: Cambria Budinger

Nicknames: Cami, Cam

Parents: Dan and Gretchen Budinger

Activity: Volleyball

Twitter: @cambria90

Cambria Budinger is a senior setter on the West De Pere volleyball team.

She enjoys watching teammates put away kill shots.

Budinger plans to study psychology and business in college, with St. Norbert being a possibility.

What is your leadership style? 

“I’m excited to lead by taking what I have learned from my past teammates and pushing everyone to do what they can to win. I will leave a positive and fun impact on the team.”

What are your goals for the season?

“To give 100 percent in every game and to make this season memorable with my teammates. Together as a team, our goals are to play our hardest, win every game we play, be first in our conference and make a long playoff run.”

What is your most embarrassing volleyball moment?

“When I was younger, I went up to set a ball, but it slipped through my fingers and hit me in the face.”

What is your most memorable moment?

“Playing for the Wisconsin Power National team during my sophomore year. I played under some influential coaches who had a true passion for their players. This drove me to love volleyball even more.”

What is your favorite thing about playing for Coach Stegall? 

“She creates a positive atmosphere for our team, which brings us close together. This causes everyone to get along and enjoy playing together. She has taught me how to become a leader on and off the court and has truly shown me how to enjoy volleyball with my teammates, who have become my best friends.”

If your talents were endless, what would you do as an adult in the professional work realm?

“I would study the human brain to understand how it works and why it does what it does. I would like to help educate others about why their brain makes them think or do certain things.”

Do you have any siblings?

“I am the oldest of four children. I have two brothers and one sister. Callan is 15, Carlee is 12 and Caleb is 9. My family is very close, and I love going to our cabin in Marquette, Michigan.”

Talk about a teacher who has made an impact on you.

“One of my favorite teachers is Mr. Rukamp. He is such a positive and enjoyable teacher to be around and has a very intriguing way of teaching his chemistry class.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be? 

“Blake Lively, because she is a positive inspiration to me and stars in some of my favorite movies.”

What is a favorite childhood memory?

“My grandparents have a boat, so when I was younger, I loved spending a weekend on the boat in Manitowoc or Sheboygan, biking around town or swimming in the lake with my siblings and grandparents. I also loved going to Long Tail to enjoy a nice day on the water.”

What would your dream job be?

“I would love to become a psychiatrist who helps people, and I would like to own my own practice.”

What is your favorite type of music? 

“I like listening to several types of music depending on the day. Some days I enjoy pop music, and other times I enjoy country.”

What three words describe you? 

“Compassionate, motivated, energetic.”

What is your favorite trip ever taken? 

“During spring break my sophomore year, my family and I traveled to Jamaica. We went zip-lining through the rainforest, swam with dolphins, went scuba diving and climbed a beautiful waterfall.”

When you retire and reflect back, what are two things you will have hoped to accomplish in your life?

“I would like to have left a positive influence in others’ lives, and I want to be known as a thoughtful person doing whatever it takes to help other people.”


Food: Salmon

Subject: Chemistry and psychology

Color: Turquoise

Television show: Stranger Things

Athlete: Simone Biles

Holiday: Fourth of July


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