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Hobart board approves dividing lots in Thornberry Creek Estates

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

HOBART – After delaying approval of the project for two weeks so that a developer could meet with a homeowners association, the Hobart village board approved a certified survey map (CSM) to divide two parcels into a four-lot development in the Thornberry Creek Estates subdivision.

The CSM divides two parcels totaling about 2.7 acres into four separate parcels in the 4100 block of Hillcrest Drive and the 1200 block of North Sedona Circle.

Approval of the CSM had been recommended last month by the village’s Planning and Zoning Commission with the condition that a $600 parkland dedication fee be paid.

Todd Gerbers

Todd Gerbers, village director of planning and code compliance, said he was informed in an email message that the developer, Andrew Steeno, and the Thornberry Creek Homeowners Association are working out an agreement for the property to be developed.

“It probably will not be a full-blown agreement as far as what the homeowners association has for the restricted covenants at Thornberry, but they have worked out an agreement where they’ll actually review the plans and work together on it, make sure both parties are happy with it,” Gerbers said. “Mr. Steeno also doesn’t want to have smaller homes in there, less than ideal homes…”

Village Administrator Aaron Kramer said an agreement between the developer and the homeowners association wouldn’t be a factor in the village approving the CSM, which is a land division with all four lots complying with the village’s requirements for lot size in R-1 residential zoning district.

Steeno, who was present for the meeting, said he hopes some nice houses will be developed there.

“Hopefully, it works out,” he said.

The CSM calls for the lot on the northeast corner to have access from Hillcrest Drive and the other three lots to have access to North Sedona Circle with a 30-foot easement along the west side of those lots.

The two southern lots have wetlands along the east side that will limit, if not restrict, access from Hillcrest Drive.

New sidewalk

In other action, the board approved a bid of $22,005 from Naps Flatwork & Construction to install 1,956 square feet of decorative sidewalk on Larsen Orchard Parkway with funds for the work coming from Tax Incremental District No. 1.

Kramer said three firms bid on the project with the board approving the low bidder.

“As you can see, this is not cheap sidewalk,” Kramer said. “We have a gap in this area (for sidewalk).”

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