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Getting to know your Booyah

By Murray Gleffe


Name: Dalton Wiggins

Number: 28

Position: Right-handed pitcher

Hometown: Parkersburg/Mineral Wells, West Virginia

High School: Parkersburg South

College: Marietta College (Ohio)

Dalton has pitched in 16 games with an ERA of 1.62 and has 27 strikeouts on the season.

Wiggins won a decision on July 11 versus Lakeshore in which the Booyah captured the game.

Earliest baseball memory: “Playing little league as a youngster trying to figure things out.”

Most memorable baseball moment: “Every walk-off you have as a team is pretty cool, even though I’m a pitcher. In addition, from a team aspect, Jack Mahoney throwing his no-hitter this year was unreal. It was a pretty amazing moment.”

Most embarrassing baseball moment: “Playing a conference game last year and tripping going out to the mound. I still get flack from the guys to this day. Hopefully, one day they’ll stop talking about it.”

Strengths as a player: “I have a good command of my pitches. When I’m not pitching, I think I’m a fun guy to be around in and around the dugout.”

What is it like living in Green Bay and playing in the new Capital Credit Union Stadium: “This new stadium is leaps and bounds above what it was like playing last year (from what I hear). When I moved here, I was told ‘You’re heading north,’ so I brought jeans and a jacket. The first week I arrived it was in the low 90s (laughing).”

Best advice someone has given you: “Have a short memory. If you give up a home run, you have to get right back in the saddle and keep throwing good pitches. It’s a game where you need to keep it simple and trust your ability.”

Favorite MLB team: “The New York Yankees. I grew up with Derek Jeter who was my role model.”

Future plans: “I am going to school for mechanical engineering. One day, I want to build roller coasters. I love Cedar Point and King’s Island Amusement parks, which are both in Ohio. Cedar Point has close to 30 roller coasters and is about 100 miles from where I go to school.”


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