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Getting to know your Booyah

By Murray Gleffe


Name: Jack Mahoney

Number: 45

Position: Pitcher

Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin

High school: Appleton West

College: UW-Milwaukee

Jack Mahoney threw the first no-hitter at Capital Credit Union Park.

Earliest baseball memory: “Going to state for my youth league with my dad as my coach. It was really cool to play other teams from around Wisconsin with close friends. A second would be going to Cooperstown [New York] with a team from Oshkosh and being able to pitch on the grand stage.”

Most memorable baseball moment: “It happened July 5 [2019] when I threw a no-hitter. It was the first in Booyah history.”

Most embarrassing baseball moment: “I had one game where I walked an endless amount of guys. After a while, you start to think, ‘when am I going to get anyone out?’”

Strengths as a player: “My 6-foot-8-inch frame and being a lefty pitcher, I feel is a big advantage in the baseball world. In addition, the movement on my fastball definitely keeps hitters thinking.”

Future plans: “I’m going to try and get drafted my junior year of college. I’m studying for a business/marketing degree.”

Talk about the city of Green Bay and playing in the new stadium: “This was the first stadium specifically built for a Northwoods team. They put a lot of effort into the field and making it an all-around experience for the fan. It’s very special that my family is able to watch the games and I get to enjoy the summer with them.”

Best advice someone has given you: “All my pitching coaches say, ‘you are your worst enemy.’ Staying confident on the mound is something I get drilled into my head every day.”

Favorite MLB team: “Milwaukee Brewers – hometown and small-market team. It would be a disgrace if I said anything else (laughing).”


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