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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Sam Meerstein – Green Bay N.E.W Lutheran baseball, basketball, soccer

By Murray Gleffe


Name: Sam Meerstein

Parents: Mark and Kellie Meerstein

Activity: Baseball, basketball, soccer

Twitter: @SMeerstein

Sam Meerstein was a four-year standout in three sports at Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran High School.

He would love to be Dwayne Wade for a day.

Meerstein will attend UW-Platteville this fall and play basketball.

You probably know the first question I’m going to ask. Talk about breaking the metro scoring record for basketball, which stood at 1,734 points, and how hard you had to work to exceed the 17-year old mark?

“Breaking this record, which wasn’t touched for 17 years, was a blessing when I broke it. It showed me that all of my hard work, my late nights, my early mornings and my extra reps paid off. For me to break this record was one of the many goals I was always looking forward to eclipsing. Not only did I break the Green Bay boy’s metro scoring record at 1,734 points, but I also broke the all-time Green Bay metro scoring record, which was held by Green Bay Southwest graduate Natisha Hiedeman.”

What was it like for your teammates to go to state in basketball two out of your four years?

“It was awesome to experience state with a group of teammates who were older than me and then also with my group of friends as well. It will be a forever-lasting memory.”

What was your most embarrassing moment in baseball?

“My most embarrassing moment was when I was in the eighth grade. I finally hit my first legit home run, and I was rounding first base all excited. I slipped on the base and fell flat on my face.”

Talk about your father (his outstanding record), how he has mentored you through life and how much your family means to you?

“My father is amazing. He has done so much for me in my basketball and actual life. He has always been there by my side no matter what. He has always helped me when I need it the most. He has always driven me to practices and games.”

What is your favorite app?

“Twitter or Snapchat. I really like interacting with people throughout the day.”

What is one thing that other teammates or coaches don’t know about you?

“One thing that other teammates or coaches don’t know about me is that I played piano for four years when I was younger.”

Talk about how much you prided yourself on attending a private high school. Did you know every student there since the enrollment is just a shade over 100?

“I loved attending N.E.W. Lutheran High School. It taught me so much in my four years here. Everybody knows everybody. I tried really hard to know every single student that went to school here.”

 What are your hobbies?

“My hobbies involve all sports.”

What three words describe you?

“Athletic, leader, hard-working.”

Who is your favorite baseball player, team and why?

“My favorite baseball player used to be Prince Fielder before he retired. Now, I would probably say that my favorite baseball player is the 2018 NL MVP, Christian Yelich. I really love how he plays the game and how his swing is so smooth. My favorite team is the Milwaukee Brewers. I always grew up in a Brewers family and have loved them ever since.”

A reverse 360-dunk or a 375-foot shot over the center wall to win a big baseball game?

“I would probably say a reverse 360-dunk. I feel like if I could do that kind of dunk, I could do more cool dunks, and I could be more like Zion Williamson.”

What other sport would you have stuck with had you not been so successful at baseball and basketball?

“In the fall, I played soccer. I was an all-conference goalie and midfielder.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“After I am done with college, I would like to open up my own basketball training facility, where kids, along with professional athletes come and workout and I can help them with their skills and get them to be the best basketball player that God intended them to be.”


Class: Physical Education, but a close second would be math.

Song: I don’t really have a favorite song. I like pop and hip-hop music.

Book: My girlfriend is making me read Harry Potter, and so far it is a good series.

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