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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Zharia Wells – Green Bay West track and field

By Murray Gleffe


Name: Zharia Wells

Parents: Tausha Conyers and Shawn Wells

Activity: Track and field

Twitter: @ZhariaCWells

Zharia Wells is a senior at Green Bay West on the track and field team.

She is nicknamed ‘Zahzie.’

After achieving her undergraduate degree, Wells hopes to acquire a Masters degree in psychology.

When did you know you were interested in track and field?

“When I was a freshman. I didn’t join right away because I felt that I wasn’t fast enough, but I remember coach Tomita constantly asking me to join, so I did.”

You finished at the sectionals as a freshman in the 4X100 relay. Talk about that experience as a first-year performer.

“Honestly, I felt very overwhelmed. I did not understand what sectionals were when people talked about it – I thought it was just another meet. We didn’t make it to state, but we did accomplish beating the school record, which I will always be thankful for.”

What teammate would you go watch the Olympics with?

“I would definitely bring my best friend, Maria Hunter.”

Talk about how you stay motivated in practice with long-distance runs each day.

“I stay motivated by constantly thinking of what I am working toward and what the possible outcome could be after always pushing myself during practice.”

What is your most embarrassing moment in track and field?  

“It was when I was a junior. We were at a meet at Bay Port, and I was doing run-throughs for the long jump. I fell and messed my leg up. I didn’t do so well that day.”

In addition to being an accomplished athlete, you are a good student. How much do you pride yourself in the classroom?   

“I take a lot of pride in what I do and accomplish, especially in the classroom. My senior year has been somewhat difficult due to the two IB classes that I have, but I am pulling through. I value school a lot. I push myself to succeed no matter what the circumstances are.”

What’s the hardest part about performing a handoff in a relay race?

“Taking off at the right time.”

Talk about your family.

“I value my family a lot. I am the second oldest of five siblings. I have three sisters and two brothers. I live with my mom, as she is the one who constantly pushes me in school and in track to better myself. My dad lives in South Carolina where I am from, and my stepdad, who I call ‘pops,’ lives in Green Bay. I feel that I have an unusual family, but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.”

Who has given you the best piece of advice and why do you stand by that?

“My mom has always given me the best advice when it comes to any and everything. I always stand by her advice because what she says not only makes sense, but it also helps me with a lot of things.”

What is your favorite app?


What are your hobbies?

“I draw occasionally.”

What three words describe you?

“Shy, quiet, independent.”

Bellin Run or Green Bay Marathon?

“I haven’t participated in one, but I would choose the Bellin Run.”

Who is your favorite track and field runner?

“Allyson Felix. She’s my favorite because she does sprinting events.”

Fall or spring Run?

“Spring run.”

What other sport would you have tried had you not been so successful at track and field?

“I would have played soccer. I played in the sixth grade, and it was one of the best experiences I had in middle school.”

What is your favorite place to compete in a track and field meet?

“The St. Norbert track for the outdoor season and Stevens Point for the indoor season.”


Grocery item: Strawberries

City: Myrtle Beach

Musical artist: The Weeknd

Restaurant:  I don’t have a favorite, but I always enjoy Taco Burrito


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