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Titletown Phase II site plans for townhouses, podium approved

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

AHSWAUBENON – Site plans for two aspects of the Titletown District Phase II development were approved Tuesday, March 5, by the village’s Site Plan Review Committee.

The committee backed a site plan for building townhomes located on the north and south sides of Brookwood Drive, generally east of Orrie Lane.

The development calls for total of 54 units of single-family attached residential units with 27 units on each side of Brookwood Drive.

Ashwaubenon Community Development Director Aaron Schuette noted all the units will contain three stories of living areas with all dimensional standards within the parameters of the Planned Unit Development approved Dec. 18 by the village board.

Schuette said the existing parcel lines on the south side of Brookwood are in the process of being combined into one parcel to not conflict with building codes.

Townhouses on the north side will have vehicular entrances fronting on Brookwood, while the townhouses on the south side will have vehicular entrances to the rear of the buildings.

Exterior building materials called for in the site plan include a mixture of brick, metal panels, fiber cement panels, stone and window glazing.

All wall panels must have concealed fasteners as required under the village code.

Michael Cantor of Sterling Project Development, the project manager for the Titletown District, said Ryan Lancour of R.A. Smith has been working with village staff on finalizing the project’s stormwater plans to deal with any issues in the area.

“Partially why we want to get this approved is to get in the ground as soon as we can, so we can rectify any situation that existed beforehand,” Cantor said. “We’re there and ready to get to work. And the stormwater, we’re going to have the solution…”

This drawing depicts what an eight-unit townhouse will look like as part of the Titletown Phase II development. Submitted Illustration

Podium plans

Committee members also backed a site plan for the Titletown Podium, located at the west end of the Phase II development near Lombardi Avenue/Marlee Lane/Brookwood Drive.

The podium will serve as a ramp to the open parking area, under which will be parking for the planned office and multi-family developments.

“Underneath this area, there’s about 300 stalls of parking,” Schuette said.

In addition to the underground parking, the approved site plan also includes surface parking for the west end of the Titletown development and a temporary parking lot where future retail use could be located at the corner of Brookwood Drive and Marlee Lane.

Schuette said the temporary parking wouldn’t be paved, because it’s intended to be developed in the future, but would have a gravel/grass soil mixture, similar to what is used south of Lambeau Field.

“I think that will keep the dust down and make it more easy on the eyes for the neighborhood,” Schuette said.

Cantor said he hopes the area designated as temporary parking will “roll right into a development site.”

“We just aren’t sure just yet,” he said. “So it might not ever be in that condition. It might stay blocked off, and we might start building before we get there. That would be the hope, but the market has to bear out a little bit.”

Schuette said exterior building materials for the podium include a mixture of masonry, metal panels, limestone and window glazing.

Kyle Miller, an architect with NBBJ, said a restroom building would be on top of the podium as a public amenity, while an elevator shaft would be accessible on the surface.

Miller said the surface area of the podium won’t be a “sea of concrete.”

“It has a lot of life to it,” he said.

Titletown Development LLC, the Green Bay Packers’ real estate development arm, formally announced plans Oct. 3 for the Phase II business and residential real estate development.

The plans call for building the residences at the site along Brookwood Drive and include an apartment building and  townhomes available for ownership.

The office building, planned along Lombardi Avenue and Marlee Lane, would consist of approximately 130,000 square feet of space and feature capacity for up to 400 workers.

In addition to the office building, the project plans for Phase II also include another approximately 100,000 square feet for future development, which could involve retail, food and beverage and entertainment.

Construction for the Phase II development is slated to begin this spring.

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