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By Patrick J. Wood

Valentine’s Day summons grade school memories of giving out a box of valentines and well wishes to my classmates.

There was always a special card for someone I favored to which I would add a sentence or two above my name. Later, I would hastily rifle through the pile I had received looking for hers.


This day reassures us that we can and should give our little notes and gifts to those in our circle of love and perhaps beyond that circle as well.

Why not remember someone recently widowed or a person currently living their remaining days in assisted living or a home for the elderly?

There are many people, through circumstances of fate and possibly of their own making, that need a little extra affection due to the tribulations of a troubled world.

This day legitimizes any friendly gestures you may care to give to those in your path to assuage their hardships.

And, of course if you have a special someone, make sure you save some of the magic to fill out that extra line or two.

Have a festive and jubilant Valentine’s Day.

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