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Burant honored by Howard-Suamico school board

By Ben Rodgers

SUAMICO – A local teacher was honored by the Howard-Suamico school board for being one of the best in the state.

Gail Burant, a French teacher at Bay View Middle School, received the Distinguished French Educator Award by the American Association of Teachers of French Wisconsin Chapter this past fall.

“This is really, really sweet and kind, so thank you for having me here,” Burant said. “I was more than floored when I got an email asking me to come and accept an award and I said ‘This can’t be legit, is this real?’”

Teresa Ford, school board president, read a proclamation honoring Burant at the Monday, Jan. 14 meeting.

“Your professional example inspires quality and is a notable example of our mission of working with families and community to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world,” Ford said.

Burant said the award doesn’t belong to her, but to the entire district French department, including Rachelle Schuster, Bay Port French teacher.

“We make a great team and it’s because of us we have an awesome French program,” Burant said. “I love what I do, I love the work we do, and I’m honored but I feel this should be a team award.”

In other news, the board readied itself for the upcoming Wisconsin Association of School Boards convention Jan. 23-25 in Madison.

The board decided not to support a number of resolutions backed by the WASB. Some include:

• A resolution using poverty levels in determining the state equalization aid and revenue limits.

• A resolution to use state funding for inclusive community schools programming.

• A resolution to bring felony charges against any individual who conveys a threat for violence on school grounds or at school events.

The board also was in favor of a number of resolutions the WASB has up for discussion.

At the convention, the district will be represented by board member Jeff Eilers.

Any resolutions that receive the backing of the association will then be supported by the group and advocated with state legislators.

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