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Forest Glen December dock dedication

By Ben Rodgers

SUAMICO – A group of Girl Scouts braved the cold weather on Tuesday, Dec. 11, to formally dedicate a dock they built for an award.

Troop 4190 cut the ribbon for a dock to a pond at Forest Glen Elementary School for its Silver Award, the second highest honor in Girl Scouts.

“We choose to build a dock because Forest Glen’s dock was drifting in the water and was unusable,” said Riley Quade, a troop member.

The new dock is T-shaped, while the old one was straight with poles that were bent or rusted.

Quade said the troop feels “accomplished” with the dedication of the new dock.

“It’s harder than it looks,” she said of the project. “It took a lot more effort than we originally planned.”

Each troop member had a specific role in the project.

Lily Cooper designed the dock, Hailey Charles acted as accountant for the project, Aeris Bertram was project manager and Elizabeth Stoeberl did the public relations.

The middle schoolers used troop funds, as well as a donation from the Howard-Suamico School District to complete the project.

Sarah Sharkey, a first-grade teacher at Forest Glen, said her class can now use the pond for its organism and pond study unit.

Many of the Girl Scouts were once students at Forest Glen.

“It makes me feel proud that they felt connected to our school when they were here, and they wanted to give back to our school,” said Angie Sorenson, school principal.

Sorenson said she would ideally like the pond area to be an enhanced outdoor classroom for all students.

When the weather is warmer, people are also welcome to drop by and enjoy the dock.

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