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Senior Spotlight: Sydney Zabel-Ashwaubenon girls’ cross-country



Name: Sydney Zabel

Parents: Jim and Amy Zabel

Activity: Cross country

Twitter: @sydneyyyzabel

Sydney Zabel was a varsity runner that helped lead the girls’ cross-country team to a second-place finish at the Fox River Classic Conference meet.

While at Ashwaubenon, she has also participated in softball and tennis, all while remaining in the top quarter of her class academically.

When not participating in sports, she is seen cheering her fellow classmates at Jaguars’ sporting events.

What was it like to be a leader on the cross-country team at Ashwaubenon High School? “Being a leader on the cross-country team was a very rewarding experience for me, especially since I was new to the team. I’m not much of a vocal leader, so I tried to lead by example. I think we had a really good group of seniors on the team and we all played different leadership roles, which I think was cool.”

What was your most embarrassing moment ever in cross country? “I don’t really have much to pick from, but my most embarrassing moment was probably at the Bay Port Invite when Kiley and I almost went the wrong way at the finish.”

How many years have you been involved in cross-country? “This was my first year on the team. I really enjoy exercising, so I decided to try it out. Now I wish I would have done it all four years of high school.”

What was your most memorable moment? “My most memorable moment was at the Freedom Invite. It was really hot out that day and I felt like I was running really slow the whole race. When I had about 800 meters to go, I heard Coach Cal yelling ‘Let’s go, big PR!’ and I was super excited. That was the meet that ultimately earned my spot on varsity.”

What was the hardest part about performing in a cross-country competition? “The hardest part was trying to keep a positive mindset. Races seemed really long at times, especially when all you could think about was your legs hurting and trying not to slow down.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be? “I would probably want to be someone that travels the world for a day, such as Indy Blue. I haven’t done a ton of traveling, so I want to experience new cultures and lifestyles.”

What was your sports routine before a big meet started? “Before every meet, our team listened to rap music super loud. Once it was almost time to run, our team clapped and yelled a chant.”

Do you have a nickname or something a teammate calls you during a meet? “People usually call me Syd or Syd the Kid.”

What is one thing that other teammates or coaches don’t know about you? “A lot of people are really surprised when they find out that I am left-handed.”

Winning individual honors or a big team win? “Definitely a big team win. It’s way more fun to celebrate and share success with your teammates.”

What are your college aspirations? “I’m hoping to attend a four-year college and major in biology. Then, I plan to attend medical school.”

What are your hobbies? “When I’m not busy with sports, I enjoy spending time with friends and doing pure barre classes. I also take any chance I can get to road trip.”

What is your favorite event ever attended? “My favorite event ever attended was when the Badgers played LSU at Lambeau Field. The crowd had a lot of energy and it was a big win for Wisconsin.”

What is your favorite type of music? “My favorite type of music is rap, but I’ll listen to pretty much anything.”

What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “My favorite thing to do on my phone is Snapchat my friends.”

What three words describe you? “Competitive, selfless, kind.”

What is your favorite trip ever taken? “My favorite trip ever taken was when my family and I went to Colorado. We drove through many really cool small towns in the mountains. We stayed in a condo in the mountains and went skiing.”

TV or outdoor activities? “Outdoor activities as long as the weather is nice.”

Do you prefer to run on a 40-degree day or 80-degree day? “I definitely prefer to run on an eighty-degree day because it doesn’t take as long for my muscles to warm up and I like to sweat.”

Half Marathon or 10K? “Half marathon, because a 10K is about what I run for practice. I would feel more accomplished running a half marathon.”

Favorite distance to run when by yourself? “I have a route that I always take around my neighborhood that usually ends up being around five miles, so that would probably be my favorite distance to run by myself.”

Where is your favorite place to go for a run? “My favorite place to go for a run during cross country season is Oneida Street, but my favorite place to run otherwise is up and down Packerland drive.”

Boston Marathon or Bellin Run? “Boston Marathon because Boston is a beautiful area, and I think it would just be a really cool event to be a part of.”


Food: Avocados

Subject: Biology

Color: Blue

TV Show: “Shameless”

Athlete: Shalane Flanagan

Board Game: The Game of Life

Candy: Twix

Ice Cream: Chocolate

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Fall

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