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Senior Spotlight: Sidni Walgurski – Bay Port volleyball

Sidni Walgurski (Sue Simeon’s Photography).


Sidni Walgurski is a senior at Bay Port High School on the volleyball team.

Besides volleyball, her hobbies include hanging out with her friends and family and going up north to the family cabin.

Walgurski’s future plans include studying occupational therapy, possibly at Madison Area Technical College, where she also might play volleyball.

Name: Sidni Walgurski

Nickname: Sid, Squid

School: Bay Port

Sport: Volleyball

Parents: Debi and Daniel Walgurski

Twitter: @walgsidn

Tell me about your family.

“I have an older sister named Lauren who is 23 and is going to be an RN at UWGB. My dad was from Pulaski and my mom was from Shawano.”

When did you start playing volleyball?

“I started playing in the seventh grade at Bay View.”

Do you come from a sports family?

“My sister was not really into sports, but my mom played volleyball and was a cheerleader. My dad played football.”

Did you ever try any other high school sports?

“I did track for two years – the long jump and high jump, but I wanted to focus more on school volleyball.”

You’re pretty tall – no basketball?

“I’m 6-foot tall, but I’m really bad at basketball.”

How about a high school sport you wish you would have done?

“I think tennis would have been fun. I don’t think I would have been very good, though.”

What’s more exciting – getting a big kill via spike or block?

“That’s a tough question. Personally, I’d say getting a kill from a hit, just because you controlled where the ball went and how much power you’re going to bring down.”

What would be your most memorable volleyball moment?

“I’d say the regional championship match last season. I came out pretty strong and it was probably one of my best games ever. It was a great moment – we beat Appleton East.”

Do you have a most embarrassing moment?

“I’ve gotten hit in the head like four times this year with a ball – maybe it’s just because I have a big head.”

What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?

“I have been the tallest person in my class from my kindergarten year through now and I am weirdly allergic to radishes.”

Which teammate should star in her own reality TV show?

“Shelby Stelzer. She is funny, entertaining and a realist.

Who is the quietest teammate?

“Chloe Dahlke is pretty quiet.”

Which teammate would you entrust with watching a pet?

“Brooke Clement, just because I know she’s a big animal lover and would take care of it.”

What is your favorite state and why?

“I love Florida because it’s warm. I like the water and the beaches.”

Finish this sentence: On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me …

“Definitely sleeping.”

How will Sidni Walgurski be remembered at Bay Port?

“I just want to be remembered as a person who maybe said something to someone to make their day better and encouraged them to be a better person.”

Dogs or cats?


Booth or table?


Do the dishes or vacuum?


Spring or fall?


Soda or milk?



Athlete: Volleyball player Lauren Carlini

Phone app: Snapchat

Holiday: Christmas

Cereal: Captain Crunch

Board game: Apples to Apples

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