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Hobart to add housing, approves Airbnb

By Ben Rodgers

HOBART – Hobart will be adding more housing options in Centennial Centre.

Development agreements for two multi-family housing units were approved at the Tuesday, Oct. 2 board meeting, with a third being tabled.

All three developments were previously approved at the Sept. 26 Site Plan Committee meeting.

“I think the area has proven to be a good hub for residential development,” said Aaron Kramer, village administrator. “The most recent proposed developments kind of fill in some niches here that aren’t available to prospective residents, such as condominiums. You also have to keep in mind that Hobart Crossing’s fourth building is also under construction.”

Coming out of closed session, the first approved development was Wyld Berry Condominiums.

It will be a 23-unit condo development consisting of 11-single family condo structures, and six duplex style condo buildings.

The development will be on the corner of North Overland Road and Woodfield Prairie Way.

Kramer said the desire of the development is to present the duplex units in close proximity to the existing right of way to give a direct connection of the properties to the roadway corridor to promote walkability and the sense of community.

This is similar to what has been created with Hobart Crossing, as well as the walkability of Encore and Aria Place developments.

The second and third developments, Mulliner Place and Madera, are both from Lexington Homes.

Madera received board approval, while Mulliner will be voted on once a finalized certified survey map is completed.

Both Wyldberry and Madera are on existing municipal lots, thus negating the need for a CSM.

Madera is a 70-unit leased residence development, consisting of five- to 14-unit, two-story buildings with attached garages.

It will be located off Centerline Drive.

Mulliner is a 60-unit leased residence development, consisting of four to eight units and two- to 14-unit, two-story buildings with attached garages.

It will be located off Stella Court, which is off Centennial Centre Boulevard.

All three developments are located in Hobart’s Tax Incremental Financing District No. 1, which has seen an explosive growth in taxable value during the past 12 months.

“I think it would be fair to say it’s been one of the most ambitious bursts of growth we’ve seen in the northern TID in probably in three or four years,” Kramer said.

On Sept. 26, a fourth development for commercial/industrial property was also approved in TID No. 2, in southern Hobart.

The 11,800-square-foot building will house a warehouse and office/retail space.

It will be located along Packerland Drive and Plane Site Boulevard.

The board also granted a conditional use permit to Gerald and Elise Heimerl at 4360 Indian Trail for the operation of an Airbnb bed-and-breakfast.

Airbnb is a website that allows people from across the country the opportunity to book rooms in people’s homes.

The permit contains the following conditions: (1) no on-street parking, (2) no noise or nuisance detrimental to surrounding neighborhood, (3) no serving or sale of liquor, (4) no more than six tourists at one time, and (5) that the fire chief and director of planning and code compliance inspect the residence to confirm the proposed use under the CUP does not violate any current ordinances or codes.

The approval came on the heels of an hour-long public hearing where residents expressed concerns over other Airbnbs and what that could do to the village.

“We told the audience, as well as they board, that staff is working on possible changes to the municipal code in regard to short-term rentals, home occupations and conditional uses to better reflect new state laws and address some areas where the code is not clear and concise on those matters,” Kramer said.

He said Hobart will look to adopt an ordinance similar to what Ashwaubenon has in regards to limiting short-term rentals.

“We are taking a close look at what our neighbors have done in regards to these matters and will likely utilize some of their concepts,” Kramer said.

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