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Howard Plan Commission backs Howards Crossing development

Site of plat now owned by Howard-Suamico School District

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

HOWARD – A 21-acre parcel currently owned by the Howard-Suamico School District between Shawano Avenue and Glendale Avenue is being looked at by a developer to turn into a subdivision with 55 single-family residential lots.

After holding a public hearing Monday, Sept. 17, the Howard Plan Commission voted in favor of rezoning the vacant property from R-5 Rural Estate Residential to R-1 Residential Single Family.

Wade Micoley of Micoley Realty appeared before the commission regarding the Howards Crossing development, which as proposed would have a single outlet to the south onto Shawano Avenue and two outlets to the north onto Glendale Avenue.

Micoley noted the planned lots are roughly 90 by 134 feet with some lots being larger because of the road configuration with the residential development.

Village Community Development Director Dave Wiese noted the preliminary plat shows one entrance from Shawano Avenue with the road splitting up two roads running parallel with the road to the east, Mitchell Way, joining up with Jerome Way, which connects with Glendale Avenue, to allow for the development of property to the east.

Wiese also pointed the road on the west of the proposed development between Shawano Avenue and Glendale Avenue, Jordan Way, would also connect to Brook Drive, which runs east to west.

Commission members backed the preliminary plat with the conditions the village’s engineering department approves a storm water management plan and storm water can be accommodated in Mills Centre Park, the road pattern is realigned to allow access to the existing Jerome Way and the lots on the southern end of the plat are realigned with Mitchell Way.

When contacted for comment, HSSD Assistant Superintendent of Operations Matt Spets confirmed the district plans to sell the property where the Howards Crossing development is proposed.

“We have accepted an offer to purchase 21.143 acres of surplus land on Glendale Avenue with intent to close on or before Oct. 31, 2018,” Spets said.

Outdoor ice dispenser

The commission also recommended issuing a conditional use permit to allow for an ice and water dispenser to be placed outside of Family Video at 2598 Glendale Ave.

Wiese said a conditional use permit is required because outside sales would be involved.

The request from Mike Kohne calls for having a Highland Pure Water & Ice machine in the parking lot next to Family Video to dispense 20-pound bags of ice as well as water in five-gallon jugs or 20-ounce bottles with cash or credit cards being accepted.

Site plans

Commission members approved one site plan and tabled another.

Total Service Development received approval of its plan for building an addition to an existing strip mall at 1718 Velp Ave.

The conditions for approval include the village’s engineering department approving a storm water management plan if one is needed, paving all driveway areas and parking lots with asphalt within a year, using 90-degree cutoff fixtures for all lighting on the site and combining the parcels with a combination certified survey map.

A site plan for Ronald Sinclair Construction, to construct a 4,800-sqaure-fooot building at 1640 Brookfield Ave., was tabled after Village President Burt McIntyre questioned how the structure would look aesthetically at that site.

“I don’t think aesthetically it’s going to do much for the area,” said McIntyre, who noted the structure as proposed for use as a fastpitch softball training facility would look like a pole building.

As proposed, the building materials would include wood framing, vinyl siding, shingled roofing and cultured stone.

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